How To Know When To File Bankruptcy




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July 28, 2022


If you have too much debt, bankruptcy might be an option for you.

Indeed a reliable option.

Filing for bankruptcy is not the end of your financial status; it is a new beginning. In case you are also thinking about filing for bankruptcy, you must know some necessary information about that.

First, you have to be sure that you should go for filing bankruptcy. For that, you can choose any of the best Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta services. The professional will be able to identify whether you should go for that or not.

We completely understand that making that decision is hard also; it is really confusing whether you are doing the right thing or not. That is why we will guide you as per the thoughts of the Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta.

Know When To Declare Bankruptcy

Most of us take our financial obligations seriously and also want to pay our debts in full. But in order to keep your finances on the proper track, it is crucial to know when to file bankruptcy, when to negotiate or when to use any other strategy.

There are some things that will help you to understand or make the decision to file for bankruptcy.

#1 Make Minimum Payments On Your Credit Cards

You might know that credit cards always carry high-interest rates on open balances. It means that in case you are making the minimum payment, your credit balance will quickly turn into a balloon. In case your balance was really high to start with, it might get out of control really quickly.

#2 Get Calls From Bill Collectors

Those constant calls from your collectors can really be too stressful and irritating reminders of your debt. Here, what you can do is contact each of your creditors and check whether they want to negotiate a lower monthly payment or lower balance.

#3 Use Credit Cards To Pay For Necessities

When you are using your credit cards to pay for all those basic necessities, you are attracting more interest. Here, we will always advise you to pay for those using debit cards. And in case you don’t have any money in your account, it will be best to look for an alternate solution apart from piling up your credit card debts.

#4 Considering, Debt Consolidation

To be honest, debts stem from a number of sources. When you opt for a large loan for making all your payments, it might help you to keep track of your outstanding more easily with just one singular monthly payment. It also can give you more time to make your payments because new loans come with new payment terms. Read more to find out why you would need an attorney before taking any financial decision after dealing with a bankruptcy.

#5 Pay Down Debts by Selling Some Possessions

We understand it is really tough to sell your home or a car, but by taking these difficult steps, you might be able to pay off debts and avoid a bankruptcy filing. But in case things are worse, it is best to opt for bankruptcy.

#6 Owe More Than You Pay

Usually, your expenses should be covered by your earnings. Also, you should have some buffer for your emergencies. In case your monthly payments exceed your take-home pay. You might have become a potential candidate for bankruptcy.

#7 Unsure How Much You Actually Owe

If you are uncertain about your total outstanding, it is a matter of concern. In case your balances have increased, and you are completely unaware of the total, or you have already forgotten creditors that have already sent your debt collections, you must consider alternative payment options.

File Bankruptcy

After determining all these things, if you think that filing for bankruptcy will be the right solution, you should go for it with the help of a Bankruptcy Attorney in Atlanta. The legal professional will be able to guide you with the essentials.

When you are selecting a lawyer, you have to ensure that you are picking the Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta. The professional must have experience and expertise in handling similar cases.

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