A Massive Earthquake Of 4.5 Magnitude Jolts Seattle Washington On Monday Morning


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October 9, 2023

Massive Earthquake Of 4.5 Magnitude Jolts Seattle Washington On Monday Morning

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    A strong earthquake was felt in Washington, Seattle, on Monday morning. After research by the National Weather Service, it has been identified that there is no further tsunami risk. The earthquake was measured, and the power was 4.5 magnitude, followed by just aftershocks.

    At 7:21 P.M., The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network recorded an earthquake rate of 4.5 Magnitude. The depth of this earthquake was 35 miles. The U.S. Geological Society classified the earthquake’s intensity as “Light shaking,” which people felt around the Northwest Pacific Ocean’s Puget Sound.

    This earthquake, with a 4.5 magnitude, was the first in Washington City Monday morning. The power of this magnitude was higher than before. This year, a 4.6 magnitude earthquake has already shaken the Seattle area. A second magnitude was followed after just a few minutes, followed by multiple smaller aftershocks.

    The exact epicenter, magnitude, and depth of the earthquake might be revised within a few hours or a few minutes based on the reviewed data by seismologists. A third Agency, the citizen seismograph network of RaspberryShake, reported the same earthquake magnitude of 4.5. Cities and towns near the epicenter of this earthquake might not have felt the power of this earthquake. The shaking includes the Edmonds, Lynnwood, and Everett areas because they are within 20 miles.

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