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April 21, 2021

how to fray jeans

In 2021, perfectly hemmed bottom jeans are a little bit out of fashion trends. If you are a fashion-conscious person like us, you may like fray jeans. And you want to complete the task at your home. This is the reason jeans fans are asking the answer to the question about how to fray jeans at home. Not only the fraying jeans, but even some trendy people also like to wear cutout hemline jeans.

Do you know with sharp cloth cutting scissors you can do the task? Among all household items, scissors are easily available tools among all daily household items. This is the reason most DIY experts are asking about how to fray jeans with scissors. How to cut jeans at the bottom is another common question from the trendy fashion-conscious people.

If you are one of the trendy fashion-conscious people. Who wants to rock the raw hem look? Hence check out the steps of the fraying jeans.

How To Fray The Bottom Of Jeans

If you have regular wear jeans, you can turn them into cool frayed edge jeans. You do not have to pay for the new jeans. If you are searching the process of how to fray jeans. The raw hem jeans are also looking fine for you. For fraying and fringe in both ways, the chopped off the bottom is looking trendy and stylish.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to fray your jeans.

Essential Items To Fray Your Jeans

Check out the essential items below.

  • One pair of new jeans
  • One piece of sharp scissor
  • One measuring tape
  • One cloth marking chalk
  • A measuring ruler.

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Step-By-Step Guidance To Fray The Bottom Of Jeans

Step 1: First, wear the jeans which you want to chop off. And measure the length of your jeans.

Step 2: And then look to the mirror before fraying the jeans. And measure the denim length which you want.

Step 3: Then spread out the denim and stretch the denim pants on a flat surface. Plain the pants wrinkle with your hands. If you do have a new pair of jeans, you just want to fray the jeans.

Step 4: Then measure the pant length with the measuring tape mark the length of the pant as your choice.

Step 5: Use the cloth marker to draw the line and use the ruler to draw a straight line.

Step 6: Draw another line from the bottom, which is parallel to the line.

Step 7: Take your sharp cloth cutting scissors and cut jeans in the lower portion of the denim pants. 

Helpful Tips Of Fraying Your Jeans

If you want to know the answer to your how to fray jeans shorts. You can simply use this trick to make your pants short and frayed. 

  • If you do not have new denim, hence you can style up these looks. Only you have followed the two steps. One is to wash your denim and then iron your pants with medium heat.
  • Many jeans users are asking about how to cut jeans. But do you know when you try to chop off the portion with regular cloth-cutting scissors? The success chance is very less as the denim cloth is really tough. If you want a single-stroke cutting, using heavy metallic scissors gives you a more neat look.
  • Now denim cutting scissors are also available in the market. So using the special tool always gives you a more precise finish. 
  • H Hiliting Gobos & Projectors professional tailor scissors is a good quality scissor that can easily cut through the denim and leather. Else you can use any high carbon steel scissor.
  • After the chop, you are getting a smooth straight surface. Then take away the strands from the chop-off portions. Use your hands to give a messy look to your frayed jeans.
  • Now you are getting your DIY frayed jeans. You can style it with anything short. Specialty crop tops are looking very trendy when you are pairing them up with frayed jeans. You are getting the instruction on how to fray jeans. 
  • If you want to turn your regular denim shorts into denim frayed shorts, it is also possible. You only have to follow the same strategy and steps.

How To Fray Jeans Shorts

When you want to fray your jeans shorts, you are going to need the same denim cutting tools.

Follow the simple four steps to fray your jean shorts at home.

Step 1: First measure the length of the shorts.

Step 2: Draw a line with a ruler and cloth marking chalk.

Step 3: Then first, cut the hemline of the denim shorts.

Step 4: After cutting the hemline of the shorts, wear the shorts and then measure the length of the shorts again.

Step 5: As it is denim shorts, always do the second checking right after chopping off the hemline. 

Step 6: If you want to make it small, then do the second chop. But if you think that the shorts are the right length. Use your hands to remove the denim strands from denim. Use your hands to give a messy casual look to the jeans shorts.

Now your fraying jeans shorts are ready to wear. Now team up the shorts with a tie-up white shirt and a bandana and rock the casual look.

Wrapping It Up

Now you are getting a whole idea of how to fray jeans at your home. The style is very trendy and casual. If you want to get the cool frying denim look, use the tricks and rock the look. These tips are very useful even if you want to cut jeans that are too long in length. If you do not have the time to go to a tailoring shop. Apply the tricks and get a very smart trendy looking denim. What are your experiences with DIY fraying denim? Share your experiences with us in the comment sections.

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