How Do Solar Panels Work? The Science and Technology




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April 7, 2022

How Do Solar Panels Work

Solar energy powers more than 2 million homes across the United States of America. Domestic solar power is quickly growing as a household form of renewable energy. Once consumers learn how solar can help them cut down on energy bills and protect the environment, that 2 million will surely grow.

Keep reading to learn how do solar panels work and how they can accommodate your energy needs.

How Do Solar Panels Work? 

Solar energy converts the sun’s energy into usable and storable electricity. Domestic solar systems have two parts: a rack system and photovoltaic panels. When installed, the angle of the rack ensures that the system absorbs the maximum amount of energy from the sun.

Solar panel technology is activated when in contact with direct sunlight. Inside each panel is a thin semiconductor wafer that is made of positively and negatively charged silicon layers. When energized, electrons between the panels become loose and create an electrical current.

When solar panels are placed on a roof with a strong solar potential, they create a stronger electrical current. This current is a direct current, which is not usable. The electrical current flows through an inverter to become alternating current electricity, which is used to power homes.

How Much Solar Do You Need? 

Before investing in a domestic solar system you need to review your home’s annual energy use. This can be done by compiling your electric bills over the past year. By adding your home’s monthly electric use, you can see what size solar system you’ll need.

Assess Your Energy Potential

A roof’s square footage and its access to direct sunlight will determine its solar potential. Your home will have a lower solar potential if it’s in a heavily shaded area that receives minimal direct sunlight.

Sunroof mapping tools measure how much usable energy a roof can absorb. These tools will show your roof’s energy potential and help you determine how large of a solar system you will need to accommodate your solar needs. Once you assess your energy potential, contact this solar installation company.

Even with a domestic solar system, you may not be able to become entirely solar independent. You will need 100 sq. ft of sun-exposed roofing to produce every kWh of power that you need. If your solar system produces an excess amount of energy, you can store this for later use in batteries or even sell it back to your electric company for profit.

Utilize Domestic Solar Panels

Solar panels have the unique ability to transform the way we consume energy. Once you answer the question, “how do solar panels work,” you can take control of your home’s energy production.

Through the establishment and growth of the solar energy industry, domestic solar panel systems have become more efficient and less expensive. By buying solar panels, you can power your home and cut your energy bills and your environmental impact. Check out texas choose power to learn how to save on energy bills.

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