On 29th July, during a military exercise taking place off the coast of Queensland in Australia a military helicopter crashed off the coast. This led to four Australian aircrew members missing, reported by Richard Marles, the Defence Minister on Saturday.

The Defence Minister said that the four military aircrew members went missing after their helicopter crashed in the water off the northern coast of Australia during a major military exercise. The helicopter MRH-90 Taipan crashed late Friday night in the subtropical waters off Hamilton Island located in Queensland.

It crashed while taking part in a military drill of the 30,000-strong Talisman Sabre. After nearly 12 hours of searching overnight the Defense minister said,”As we speak to you now, the four aircrew are yet to be found.”

He added,”The families of the four aircrew have been notified of this incident and our hopes and thoughts are very much with the aircrew and their families. We desperately hope for better news during the course of this day.”

The Defence officials announced that the Talisman Sabre exercise has been paused at the moment. The Talisman Sabre exercise includes soldiers from the US, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and France along with Australian soldiers. The exercise was entering its second week with testing of large-scale logistics, amphibious landings, land combat and air operations. Currently, Australia is embarking on a major rebuilding mission of its armed forces and exercising its long-range striking capabilities to tackle and keep up with would-be foes like China.

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