How to Break Up Your Work Day at Home and Get the Most from Your Time


Ariana Smith


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March 9, 2021

Break Up Your Work Day at Home

More and more people are working from home, so it’s important people are making the most of this opportunity. While there are some clear advantages to working from home, there are also some challenges you need to overcome to get the most out of it.

A few tweaks to your schedule can make all the difference, so think about how your break up your work-from-home days.

Recognize Your Attention Span Is Limited:

No matter how good you are at concentrating on what you’re doing, there’s only so much time you can maintain optimal focus for. If your attention drops just that little bit, it can slow down your work, and affect the quality.

Your work-from-home days give you the opportunity to schedule your tasks so you get the most out of your attention span. One effective way to do this is through the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks your day up into smaller, manageable chunks.

More Time at the Desk Doesn’t Mean You Get More Work Done:

The only way you get more work done is by doing more work – not by sitting at your desk for long hours. The amount of time you spend working isn’t going to make a difference to your output unless you’re considering efficiency.

Working six hours at 100% efficiency is likely to yield much better results than working for nine hours at 50%, so it’s not about chaining yourself to your desk. Recognize the importance of quality, and schedule your day to enable this.

Get Some Fresh Air:

Get Some Fresh Air:

Humans weren’t designed to sit inside all day and look at a computer screen.

The health benefits of a short walk are amazing, and they can do wonders for your motivation and concentration levels.

If you find you get to the afternoon and you start to feel a little sleepy, then take the opportunity to go for a walk and get the blood pumping around your body. You’ll find you come back much fresher and ready to do your best work.

Take Time to Do Something for Yourself:

Take Time to Do Something for Yourself:

Sometimes it’s nice to do something all for yourself. We spend a lot of our days doing things we have to do rather than the things we want to do, so take a moment, and do something you enjoy.

Something as simple as checking out can refresh your mind and get you ready to return to work with 100% focus. You should be making sure you’ve got plenty of breaks throughout your day, and these little activities can help you reset.

Find the Right Work/Life Balance:

You might think the problem people have with working from home is motivating themselves to work. However, it’s often the opposite. People actually find it’s much harder to put their work away and this can affect your work/life balance.

However, it’s essential you get this balance right, as it can really impact your life if work starts to take over too much.

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