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2020 marked a turning point for Riot Games, the company that created League of Legends, widely regarded as one of the greatest eSports games ever. They published Valorant, one of the top competitive shooters of this generation after CSGO, during the lockdown.

This game is absolutely wonderful since it combines the precise gunplay of Counter-Strike with the extravagant powers of Overwatch. However, as Valorant is a rather competitive game, you must constantly get better at it. A Valorant stat tracker can be of assistance to you in this situation.

Keep reading this article til the end to learn more about Valorant Trackers, why you need them, and the best trackers that you can use to check your stats in the game…


What Are Valorant Trackers And Why Do You Need Them?  

What Are Valorant Trackers And Why Do You Need Them?

For those who are new to the gaming world, you might be wondering what these trackers are and how they can help you in the game. So, let me help you out with that!

A Valorant tracker is a tool through which you can keep track of almost all your metrics including your weapon usage, agent win rate, and several other things. There are many different trackers, but not all of them are created equal.

While some trackers merely keep tabs on fundamental data like kills and fatalities, some offer more thorough data like favorite map, kills per weapon, win rates, and a whole lot more.

In other words, these trackers are made to provide you with important performance data, such as headshot accuracy and win rates. Scroll down to learn about the best trackers that you need to use in 2023 for keeping your winning streak strong and high!

The Best Valorant Trackers In 2023  That You Need To Know!  

The Best Valorant Trackers In 2023  That You Need To Know

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In case you were trying to look for the best Valorant trackers to check your stats and performance, you have come to the best place! Here are the top five trackers valorant players need to have in their inventories to keep track of their moves in the game:


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The blitz valorant tracker, a comprehensive in-game overlay, offers statistics and can let players know which agents they perform best with. It offers player and team headshot percentages, KDA and win% data breakdowns, and more.

Players have access to both their own and their teammates’ last five games. Players may use this to check on the recent performance of their teammates. Gamers can also keep track of their advancement.

Looking at the wins and losses at lower divisions can help you spot Smurfs. Smurfs typically suffer from five losses and have a high headshot percentage. This can also be used to predict how well a team would do.

There are sections for maps that give information on the most popular maps among gamers. includes attack and death per round percentages. When compared to a player’s previous round, the frequency of headshots and deaths is monitored.

Players who want to memorize the call-outs can use this option to browse the maps and pick up the names of the various areas as they see appropriate. The call-outs for each map sector are also included. also provides players with guidelines to improve how they control their main characters and learn some new skills. Out of all the Valorant Trackers, Blitz boasts the most attractive in-game overlays and graphics.


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On, a tonne of statistics are available. It is distinctive in that it emphasizes a player’s statistics over the statistics of the entire team. Players can access data on their kills, assists, first blood earned, kills per round ratio, overall winning percentage, aces, clutches, most kills in a round, and many other statistics.

The website allows players to evaluate how they perform with specific agents, weaponry, and team combinations on specific maps. It also explains to players what they should concentrate on in order to go forward. truly does contain a range of game-related information, as claimed on its website.

This app has the best algorithm in terms of the stats it gives a player. Players can evaluate their performance in light of previous games’ results. This Valorous tracker can be used by gamers to see where they can get better. If combined with other resources, it may prove to be a huge asset for many players.


On, there are several tools that allow users to view their stats from prior games. These numbers are identical to those from the trackers previously mentioned.

Discussion is held over a player’s headshot percentage, kill-death percentage, kill-death assist ratio, and previous match results. Additionally, it provides gamers with current Valorant data that illustrates their likelihood of winning a match. On, players have access to detailed metrics about their teammates, opponents, and selves.

Video of player games is accessible to thanks to their partnership with Overwolf. Clips can be recorded at specific moments in time, such as during a game, a player’s kill, the end of a match, etc. This is a great opportunity to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in matches.

The best part of is the community, which enables users to exchange beneficial footage with one another. Gamers at Valorant are helping one another to get better. It breaks down every facet of a player’s gaming while also making navigating for players simpler. It is easy to use and has an app for devices running Android and Apple. Players may now check or share their stats whenever they want thanks to this.

Keep in mind that Valorant Tracker by Overwolf and are both the same. The Valorant Tracker by Overwolf is a recording programme that has been integrated into the app.

4. collects a lot of data, similar to, but it’s browser-based. To use this service, players must also share the stats on their Valorant accounts. This tracker does not give an overlay for the game, in contrast to a typical Valorant tracker. It mostly functions as a sizable player statistics database. Headshot%, Win%, Kill%, Player Score, Kill Death%, and Average Damage are all included in the statistics.

On, users may examine all of their statistics information. Players may now pinpoint the areas where they need to develop the most. On specific maps, players can examine their statistics. The website offers global information, including agent selection rates. It also provides details on Valorant’s most potent agent compositions. Their information is updated every 24 hours to keep them up to speed with the Valorant meta.’s primary audience is players that want to thoroughly review their Valorant accounts without the overlay in between games.

5. Valoperf    


To become proficient at Valorant, you need to practice a lot. While learning each agent’s lineups and tool usage, map by map, you must practice your aim. Track your progress using Valoperf rather than another Valorant tracker.

This webpage shows the progression of your performance over the last three months. This shows how accuracy improves with every gun and map, and how agent victory rates likewise grow. Additionally, you can team up with people who have similar stats using its “Mate Finder” feature to create new pals!

Wrapping It Up!  

While it is true that there are a number of Valorant trackers available online, for some reason, I find to be the best. With its partnership with not only Overwolf, but also SteelSeries and Advanced, the users get access to a number of things at a single and organized place which are otherwise hard to acquire.

In case you were searching about the best Valorant Tracker and wanted to know how it can help you, I hope that this article has been of great help to you. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to let me know.

All that you need to do is scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page. Then leave your queries and suggestions in the comment box below. And I will be there to answer them all for you!

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