I think we know about google doodle games. But do you know about the doodle for the google contest? This is a contest for artists and they will find it an amazing opportunity. Students in grades  K-12 will find it extremely fun to participate in google’s annual art contest for kids.

There are indeed some awesome scholarships, and tech packages ready for doodle4google winners. However, the most fun part is getting your artwork featured on Google.

Be it for the scholarships or the prize, if you love making art, then you should ready your crayons, and pencils and make doodles for google. Who knows, you might be the next doodle4google winner. This article will give you an overall guide to doodle for the google contests.

What Is Doodle4google?

What Is Doodle4google?

Google makes fun, surprising, and spontaneous changes to the logo of the search engine. The changes are often made to celebrate specific days, events, anniversaries, or holidays. The change is done by using different fun doodles on the Google logo.

However, doodle4google is a different thing. It is an art contest for kids arranged by google. Google creates doodles to surprise, and inspire people when they enter the search engine. But, through the “doodle for google” contest, Google allows students in grades K-12 to submit their doodles and get featured on Google.com. Aside from that, you can also win some great prizes and scholarships from google.


When Did Doodle4google Contest Start?

When Did Doodle4google Contest Start?

The doodle 4 google contest started in 2008 in the US. they have been doing the contest for the last 14 years. The contest is not limited to the US alone. No matter where you are from you can enter the google doodle contest from any country. If you want, you can check out the winners of doodle from the past years.

Doodle4google How It Works?

If you are wondering how to enter Doodle for Google contest then worry not. I have the simplest steps lined up. But, before you enter, you should know the guideline for entering the contest.

  • You can use any medium ( from crayons to digital).
  • Students need to use the entry form to enter the competition.
  • The parents or the teachers of the students can submit the doodles as .jpg or .png format.
  • Google will accept one doodle from each students. If you send more doodles,  google will receive the first one you send.

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How To Enter Doodle4Google  Contest?

How To Enter Doodle4Google  Contest?
  1. First, you need to download the Doodle4Google entry form.
  2. Then the students have to create their art using any medium they please.
  3. Students also need to fill out artist’s statements telling google how they feel about the artwork.
  4. Then the students have to fill out the rest of the form with the information required.
  5. They will need their guardian or parents to sign the entry form.
  6. Students can create the doodle directly on the entry form. If they did so, they can directly upload the doodle on the ‘doodle for google website’.
  7. If they made the doodle on other mediums and not on the entry form, they can take high-resolution photos in good lighting and send them through the mail.

Doodle4google Judging Criteria

Doodle4google Judging Criteria

Google will evaluate your doodles based on the following criterias.

Artistic merit: your artistic merit is important.

Creativity: it is important how you represent the theme of the contest, your use of the letters for the Google logo ,and your unique approach.

Theme communication: your expression of the theme in both your artwork and the written statement is a parameter for evaluating the artwork.

Google will reward participants based upon the grade groups. Here are the grade groups –

  • Grades K-3
  • Grades 4-5
  • Grades 6-7
  • Grades 8-9
  • Grades 10-12

They will judge the finalists on the basis of states.

There will be state and territory winners. Ten or more students from each grade will be chosen. One finalist will represent each of the groups. There will be five finalists of doodle4google contest in total.  Google will declare on e finalist and will features the artwork on Google.com.

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Doodle For Google Disqualification

There are certain grounds based on which google can disqualify an entry into the competition. Here are some of those parameters –

  1. Unoriginal doodles containing logos or copyrighted image may disqualify.
  2. Each student can only make one entry. Additional entries will be disqualified.
  3. Students should follow all the rules for the competition.

Who Won Doodle For Google 2022?

Who Won Doodle For Google 2022

Are you ready to participate in next year’s doodle4google competition? Well, if you need inspiration, you should know the name of this year’s winner of doodle for google contest. 16 years old Sophie Araque-Liu, from Florida, is the national winner of the contest this year.  Most surprisingly, Selena Gomez was the guest who announced the winner and personally congratulated  Sophie.

Google  has awarded her $30000 in award and they also awarded her school with $50,000 technology award. If you feel inspired by Sophie, you can also go and participate in the contest. But, you have to wait for the next year’s competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

I think you have found the answers to all of your questions. However, if you have any further queries you can read the questions and answers here –

1. Is Doodle For Google Free?

Yes, you can enter the Google Doodle contest for free. As long as you have the word G-o-o-g-l-e in your doodle you are eligible to submit it to google for the contest.

2. Who Is Allowed To Enter Doodle4Google Contest?

Only students  K-12 can enter the competition of google doodle. Parents and teachers can also enter the competition on behalf of the students. But regardless of how a student enters the competition his/her school will get the $50000 technology award if they are selected as the national winner.

3. Can You Submit Multiple Doodles For Google Doodle Contest? 

You can submit multiple doodles for the competition. But Google will count only one of your entries. Google will receive the first entry that students submit. The rest will be disqualified. We advise you to post only one doodle for the competition.

Doodle It!

If you are interested in art of doodling then this competition can be life changing for you. There is a good chance that you are the next winner of the doodle4google contest. If you were looking for guidelines for submission, then this article should help you with the necessary information. 

However, if you have any further queries, you can reach out to us through the comment section. We will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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