How To Treat And Repair Sunburned Lips: Tips


Sarmind Safi


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November 10, 2023

How To Treat And Repair Sunburned Lips

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    Our lips tend to stick out from our faces. This makes it prone to getting sun exposure that is significantly higher than the rest of the face.

    The harmful rays of the sun can lead to damage to the otherwise sensitive skin of the lips. The damage appears about 2-5 hours after it gets exposed to the sun. The symptoms of sun damage are mild swelling, dryness, and a burning sensation. Sunburn is not limited to color and race. It affects all. So if you are asking can black people get sunburned, the answer is yes.

    If you think your lips may be sunburned and need tips, here are some ways you can reverse the damage.

    Apply Aloe Gel

    The soothing effects of the aloe is a sure shot way to treat sunburned lips. It will help you relieve the pain that is caused after your lips suffer a sunburn. You can use an aloe vera stick and get the gel in a bowl. Take the raw gel or paste and apply it to your lips. Leave it on for some time. This will help cool the burn. You can also get some aloe gel from the market in case you do not have access to fresh aloe at home.

    Drink Lots Of Water

    You must stay hydrated to keep your lips smooth. If you have sunburned lips drinking water is the most natural way to deal with it. Lots of fluid intake can reduce the dryness your body could be facing. It will also help lessen inflammation of the body as well as skin. Staying hydrated can, in turn, help treat sunburned lips.

    Use A Moisturizer

    If you are facing dryness related to sunburn, you can try applying a softening moisturizer. You must make sure the formula is free of chemicals and allow the moisturizer to sit overnight. You can use Vaseline or Boroline to treat the cracks and chapped sunburned lips. These are just some of the ways you can help heal sunburned lips. Prevention is better than cure. Try to use products to help prevent sunburn, keep yourself covered, and stay away from the sun if you have sensitive skin.

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