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August 18, 2022

Moving Company

If you’ve ever had to pack and move from one location to another, you’ll understand that it’s a daunting and stressful life decision.

But if you give the responsibilities to a reliable moving company, your needs are taken care of, alongside your anxieties.

Most of the complaints about moving companies usually revolve around damage to valuables, charges for hours unworked, late coming, and not strictly abiding by the estimates laid down.

With enough options and research, all you need is to find that moving company that will expertly handle your prized possessions and efficiently deliver on their promises.

Top 7 Ways To Choose The Right Moving Company

With moving as a stressful endeavor, you need movers in Brentwood TN, that you can trust with your precious valuables.

For you to avoid any regrets in your decisions, you must get an effective guide on how to choose the right moving company. In this article, you’d see how to go about choosing wisely.

1. Be Proactive

When undergoing a major move, it shouldn’t be taken as some minor decision. You must plan to avoid any frictions or unnecessary inconveniences on the day you intend to move.

Start digging into the different moving companies around. Compare the benefits/advantages that you could get if you patronize the companies and compare their estimates.

It’s safer not to hire a company at the last minute.

2. Go Through Reviews Online

While doing your research on moving companies, begin with online reviews and reviews from friends, family, and colleagues.

Some sites can help you with reviews, like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and of course, Google. Reviews will provide you with unbiased feedback from customers.

With these pieces of information from customers, you can know the nature of the company’s customer service.

3. Seek Experts that Can Handle Valuable Items

If you’re transporting special and valuable items, like artworks, pianos, vases, pool tables, and so on, you need a moving company that’s expert at handling valuables of this nature.

Many times, companies mention this information in their estimates. But to be sure, you need to read reviews to confirm the claims in their online estimates.

Brentwood Moving Companies

Find that moving company that will expertly handle your prized possessions

4. Watch out for Potential Scams

During the estimate, carefully look at the details in case there are red flags. Most efficient and well-recognized moving companies do ask for cash deposits before a move.

Note that you are meant to pay upon delivery. Pay with a credit card; this will protect you from impending fraud. If the mover is asking for an upfront payment, it might not be a legitimate enterprise. You must look out for professionalism among the movers.

Do they show up late? Are they showing signs of incapability, like being unsure about what to do? Do they seem uneasy about your questions or give unsatisfactory responses to your inquiries?

If the answers to the following are negative, you might need to look out for Brentwood TN Movers. Also, if a mover shows up in an uncustomized van, it’s a red flag. Moving companies should have their equipment with their logos on it.

5. Hire Only Licensed and Insured Movers

Licensed Interstate moving companies to have a U.S.DOT number issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

If you intend to move across a state, confirm the license of the moving company through the FMCSA’s website. Ensure you request the company’s U.S. DOT number for events that might necessitate the need to file a complaint against the company.

If your move is within a state, register with your local consumer affairs agency; they will be your advocate in consumer-related matters. Look through the list of local agencies on the FMCSA’s database.

6. Be Aware of a Company’s Estimates

After you have come up with a shortlist of moving companies, you are free to get estimates. If a company does not have an online estimate, don’t consider them for hire.

You can get at least three in-person estimates before concluding. With this, you are open to different options when you’re ready to make a choice.

When it comes to in-person estimates, movers Brentwood TN can give you a reliable quote since they have surveyed and seen how many possessions you have.

They will also find out for themselves if there are obstacles or inconveniences while moving. For example, stairs, narrow passageways, or hard-to-access locations. With this idea, you are open to different options when you’re ready to make a choice.

7. Consider the Cost

Your budget must be put into consideration. You can look out for a moving company that has a relatively cheap estimate.

However, there are moving companies that have cheap estimates, which are too good to be true; be weary of such companies. It’s wiser to hire a reputable moving company that charges a little more.

Hiring them leaves you with the assurance that you have their expertise, experience, and reputation to rely on.

Hire Brentwood Moving Companies For Your Moving Needs

Moving doesn’t have to drain you; just leave it to the experts and they will relieve you of that burden. With the above guide, you are free of impending inconveniences or fraud.

Brentwood Moving Companies

Moving just got easier with Brentwood Moving Companies, as they would help you with local and long-distance moving. Just book online or call; you can also cancel at no cost.


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