The economy’s a picture of health! Employment in the healthcare industry will grow 13% between 2021 and 2031. That means that there will be two million new jobs up for grabs.

If you want a lucrative and interesting job, you need to consider working in healthcare. Yet finding jobs in healthcare can be overwhelming. You need to look at your options and find a job that meets your needs.

What are the best healthcare jobs, and what are the responsibilities for each position? What job should you apply for if you want to work with patients directly? Do you need training for your job?

Answer these questions and you can start your healthcare career the right way. Here is your quick guide.


1. Pharmacist

A pharmacist provides patients with medications. They can fill out prescriptions and give instructions to patients on how they should take pills and tablets.

Pharmacists must know how medications react to each other and offer solutions if patients have side effects. However, most pharmacists do not deal with medical emergencies. They may need to supervise patients while they receive shots or take pills.

Many pharmacists find jobs in pharmacies. However, very few pharmacies are standalone businesses anymore. Many grocery stores and department stores have pharmacies in their facilities where people work.

You can also try finding a job at a pharmaceutical company or university. You can work as a teacher or lecturer and write books on taking medications.

2. Nutritionist

A nutritionist prepares meal plans for patients based on their needs. Some people need to lose weight while others need to control their sodium or blood sugar levels. A nutritionist must create a precise plan that lets a person meet their needs without being unhealthy.

Nutritionists need to understand dietary restrictions and cultural norms. You need to study kosher, halal, and other dietary laws.

You can work at a number of locations. Most nutritionists work in hospitals and work with patients directly. Other nutritionists work in private practices or at fitness companies.

3. Midwife

A midwife is a nurse with a specialty in pregnancy. They help the pregnant person deliver their baby and take care of their health during the delivery process. They usually handle the newborn child and make sure they are doing okay.

Some midwives help with gynecologic health. They can advise patients on how to take care of themselves and perform tests for medical problems. These midwives may work in gynecologic offices or at hospitals with teams of doctors.

To become a midwife, you need an advanced degree. You can find programs online that let you study midwifery, or you can take in-person college classes.

4. Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help patients who need to perform self-care and daily activities. They may work with people who have disabilities or chronic illnesses. They may also work with old people who are experiencing old age and cognitive problems.

Occupational therapists try to help people develop the skills they need to care for themselves. They can teach someone who cannot walk how to use a wheelchair. They may install tools in someone’s home so they can get around easier.

You will need a master’s degree or a doctorate in order to be an occupational therapist. You can find jobs throughout the healthcare industry. Some therapists work at hospitals while others have their own businesses.

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5. Speech Pathologist

A speech pathologist helps people who have communication disorders. They analyze someone’s speech and assess what they can and cannot do. They then come up with strategies a person can use so they can speak better.

A pathologist needs to diagnose problems with a person’s throat, lungs, and cognition. Someone may be able to talk normally, but they have a cleft palate or a breathing issue that prevents them from speaking. A pathologist has to work alongside a personal physician to cure the underlying issue.

You will need a medical degree with a specialty in speech pathology. Becoming a pathologist requires years of training, and you may not have many types of jobs you can apply for. But pathologists can make nearly $100,000 a year.

6. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant assists doctors with whatever they need to help patients. Many assistants examine patients and ask them questions about their medical histories. They may perform small tests and interpret the results to help doctors decide on treatments.

Some physician assistants specialize in surgeries. They may help surgeons prepare for operations by cleaning patients and administering sedatives. Others specialize in emergency room care, which requires additional training.

You should become a physician assistant if you want to help patients but don’t want to become a doctor. Assistants need less training than physicians, yet you can find many healthcare jobs and earn more than $100,000 a year.

7. Health Information Manager

A health information manager or technician collects and organizes patient information. They manage records at hospitals and private offices.

A manager must handle patient information with discretion. Many states have strict laws about sharing medical details. You must follow these laws and develop computer programs that will protect documents.

You can receive a degree in health info management online. Some people earn their degrees in less than two years. You can find healthcare careers at hospitals and insurance companies throughout the country.

The Best Jobs For Working In Healthcare

Working in healthcare can mean many different things. If you want a high-paying and stress-free job, you should consider becoming a pharmacist or nutritionist. If you’d like to work with children, you should become a midwife.

Occupational therapists and speech pathologists specialize in their fields and become expert doctors. If you don’t want to specialize, you can become a physician assistant. Consider becoming a health info manager if you want a job within the next few years.

These are just the essentials of these healthcare careers. Read more healthcare job guides by following our coverage.

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