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March 15, 2024

when does pregnancy acne start

Did you know that pregnancy starts with all sorts of inconvenient and uncomfortable bodily changes? Of course, during pregnancy, there is weight gain. But there is also heartburn, food aversions, sciatica, swollen feet, and many others. In case you are currently dealing with acne, then it means you are pregnant. You must know when does pregnancy acne start?

Just do a quick Google search, and you might struggle with the superstitious notion in terms of experiencing acne during pregnancy. After all, this is a sign, especially if you are carrying a baby girl in your womb.

Also, during pregnancy, you must follow a perfect hair care routine for women. At this time, you would have a lot of hair fall, which might make your scalp hairless. After long research, I have come up with several tips that would help you clear pregnancy acne/pimple without harming a baby’s health.   

How To Prevent Pregnancy Acne?

How To Prevent Pregnancy Acne?

You must take many steps to help clear up your skin, which only requires minor changes. This would be beneficial in your daily skincare routine. Below, I am going to discuss how to prevent pregnancy acne.

1) Shampoo/Shower Regularly

Shampoo/Shower Regularly

While you might not think your hair affects your skin, this still contacts your face. Therefore, this needs care. If you use shampoo regularly, this could help you prevent acne from growing around the hairline. If you want to overlook the wash on some days, you must use a dry shampoo instead of trying to keep the products from getting on your face. After all, protect your face’s skin from hair shampoo with any preventative hair cap while you are shampooing.

2) Avoid Irritating Skincare Products

Avoid Irritating Skincare Products

Certain products could irritate your skin. In this case, using some unscented oil-free products is a good practice while trying to clear up or avoid acne-prone skin.

3) Don’t Drink Enough Water

Don't Drink Enough Water

Especially if your skin is getting drier, sebum might be released as compensation. If you drink enough water regularly, this will help keep your skin hydrated. This is also supportive of immune functions. This can help to regulate the bacteria which cause acne.

4) Don’t Touch Your Face

Don't Touch Your Face

Always try not to touch your face. This is as helpful as maintaining clean skin if this makes your skin worse. But sometimes this won’t even be possible. Always be mindful of what your hands have met before touching your face.

At the same time, it is also possible to transfer bacteria and oil, which could build up in the pores. This would ultimately worsen or even develop such a face’s acne.

5) Wash Your Face Twice Per Day Maximum

Wash Your Face Twice Per Day Maximum

When your skin meets oil or dirt, your pores might become clogged. Therefore, this leads to multiple acne. Always try to wash your face twice a day.

Above all, this would help you feel refreshed, especially when you wake up and get ready for bed. On the other hand, always keep your face clean, which means only washing your face once daily. Otherwise, your skin would make an extra oil sebum, resulting in a greater risk of facial acne. Also, you must have an idea how to remove acne scars naturally in a week especially during pregnancy so that it doesn’t seem bad.

6) Do Moisturize Your Face

Do Moisturize Your Face

You won’t like it if your skin becomes dry. In this case, you must apply moisturizer, which is more important than you think. While your skin is getting hydrated, this will likely release extra oil. This could help to reduce acne. Just ensure you use a gentle and unscented product to avoid irritation. Ensure you are using labeled products, meaning they won’t cause acne.

What Are The Natural Home Remedies You Must Try If You Are Experiencing Facial Acne During Pregnancy?

What Are The Natural Home Remedies You Must Try If You Are Experiencing Facial Acne During Pregnancy?

Several women are experiencing acne, especially during pregnancy. A type of facial oil would be released if a woman is pregnant. In this case, it would clog pores and lead to several bacteria, inflammation, and breakouts. Below, I will discuss the natural home remedies you must try if you are experiencing facial acne during pregnancy. 

1) Apple Cider Vinegar

You must fix one part of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with three parts of distilled water. In this way, you can naturally create a rich toner. This occurs in enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids. First, soak a cotton ball with diluted apple cider vinegar and apply it all over your skin. In this way, it absorbs the skin’s oil. Also, don’t use undiluted vinegar on the skin, as this is quite acidic and can cause burns.

2) Baking Soda

You can use baking soda all over your face, promoting healing. However, this is widely recommended by several other healthcare professionals because it could irritate the skin. Even you need to remove the skin’s most important protective oils.

Alternatively, you might use this as a spot treatment for breakouts. You must make a naturally acne spot treatment paste by mixing one tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of water. After that, you need to apply it to the individual’s pimples, not on the entire face or body. After that, you must leave this for a few minutes and wash it off.

3) Honey

Did you know that honey has antibacterial and antiseptic properties? Well, this is a soothing ingredient for your skin tone. If you want to apply this:

  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  • Use honey directly so that it won’t cause reactions in the affected area.
  • Leave the skin for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with lukewarm water. 

4) Citrus Fruit

Several citrus fruits, such as limes and lemons, carry Alpha Hydroxy. You can apply lemon or lime juice to your skin. This would help your skin unclog and shed several dead skin cells.  Even this will erase the bronze skin tone and would make your skin brighter.

Conversely, multiple astringent and antibacterial properties make this practical and exfoliant. First, you need to squeeze the juice of a lemon or a lime, then apply this all over your face with a cotton ball. Leave your face for at least 10 minutes, then rinse it with cool water.

5) Oatmeal And Cucumber

Did you make a paste of cucumber and oatmeal and apply this all over your face? For a home-made treatment, you should try this mask. In this case, all-natural ingredients are commonly found in the kitchen you must use. After that, apply it all over your face and wash it off.

6) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has a large set of antifungal and antibacterial properties. This would also be soothing for your skin, and it is also very convenient to absorb this. You should apply virgin coconut oil instead of moisturizer before heading to sleep.

What Are The Best Practices To Cure Your Pregnancy Acne?

What Are The Best Practices To Cure Your Pregnancy Acne?

Well, aside from several other home remedies, there are some best practices that you must try. This would cure your pregnancy acne. Below, I will discuss the best practices to cure your pregnancy acne

  • Of course, caring for your skin during pregnancy might be difficult for some people, or sometimes this might not be. Below, I will discuss the best practices to cure your pregnancy acne.
  • Don’t pick, pop, squeeze, or even scratch acne sores. Otherwise, this would increase irritation, and this could cause several types of scarring.
  • Always try to have a nutritious diet with fresh vegetables and fruits, which would lean protein sources. Some fruits contain healthy fats, such as avocados and nuts. In this case, you must avoid sugars and other processed foods.
  • Another best practice to cure your pregnancy acne is to give yourself time to rest and relax. Or else fatigue and stress would trigger acne outbreaks.
  • Always try to avoid touching your face, which can introduce such bacteria.
  • If you are wearing makeup, ensure you use multiple oil-free products labeled as non-comedogenic. Ensure you are washing off your makeup before going to bed.
  • You must ensure a skin care routine for sensitive skin to prevent acne during pregnancy.

Here Are The Surprising Facts Which You Might Know About Pregnancy:  

Here Are The Surprising Facts Which You Might Know About Pregnancy

There is no secret that your pregnancy will change your body shape. When a woman carries a child, and at that time, that woman must have to go through some adjustments. Below, I will discuss several other surprising facts you might know about pregnancy.

1) The Uterus Gets A Bigger

Before pregnancy, you must ensure that a woman’s uterus is based on an orange size. This could be the size of a watermelon. After all, this must expand up to 500 times during the size of pregnancy.

2) The Most Prolonged Pregnancy Ever Recorded Was 375 Days (About One Year) Long

Did you know when the longest pregnancy has been ever recorded? Well, this was almost for one year. Usually, pregnancy lasts around 280 days (about nine months). Therefore, Penny Diana Hunter’s baby was close to a hundred days. Several women report that being a pregnant woman, especially for 10 to 11 months rather than just the usual nine months.

3) The Shortest Was Almost 21 Weeks

The shortest pregnancy record was for 21 weeks (about 5 months) and four days. The child who started preschool last year didn’t have any health problems.

4) The Blood Volume of A pregnant woman would increase by 50%

After estimating the fact, it has been shown that a pregnant woman’s blood volume would increase by 40% to 50%.

5) Your Heart Grows Bigger While You Are Pregnant

After biological research, it has been seen that during pregnancy, a woman’s heart would grow bigger. This would be beneficial to pump all the extra blood around the body. After all, this would increase the size of a heart.

6) Your Voice Can Change During Pregnancy

Did you know that your voice could also change during pregnancy? Well, this is another lesser-known fact: Your voice can also change during pregnancy. The rise of estrogen and progesterone can cause swelling of several other vocal folds, which would mean some higher notes. These are the lower ones that might appear.

7) Babies Can Hear Their Mother’s Voice From Inside The Womb

Did you know babies can hear the mother’s voice inside the womb? In this case, this would be more responsive to handling noises and responding in the womb.

8) Some Pregnant Women Would Develop Diabetes

When a pregnant woman’s blood sugar is so high, then this is known as gestational diabetes. This usually disappears after giving birth.

9) Your Joints Would Loosen During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body produces a hormone known as relaxin. This would soften ligaments. These are the tissues that would connect with your joints. This is all about helping to make the pelvis more flexible during childbirth.

10) Your Sense Of Smell Would Change

Did you know that pregnant women usually experience a heightened sense of smell in the first trimester? This could be the sign that you are pregnant in the first place. This might be an evolutionary advantage that would help pregnant women avoid several unsafe foods.

11) There Are Specific Genes That Mean You Are Not Pregnant

Genes would suggest that you are not pregnant. In this case, genetics means that your partner will never have a child of their own. Have you heard about the common cause of male fertility? Well, this means that sperm can’t leave the testes on their own. Luckily, treatments would help men to be the fathers of their children.   

12) Your Blood Group Could Also Have The Same Effect

After researching the fact, it has been seen that a woman with” O” type blood might find this more challenging, which would be conceivable than people. Those types of “A” blood groups could appear to be more fertile.

In Conclusion

I have discussed when pregnancy acne starts above in this article. In this case, you must learn so many things about pregnancy; of course, these are still unknown. These could help your father devise a plan where it would be convenient to handle a healthy pregnancy.

Regardless of your pregnancy stage, always ensure you are handled by dedicated and professional staff. On the other hand, you need food greater than the required amount of sleep.

I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, please comment below!

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