What Channel Is The Packers Game On?


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October 7, 2022

The Packers Game

Are you also rooting for the Green Bay Packers? In that case, you would like to know what channel the Packers game is on. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Packers are a great professional football team. As a member of the NFC, the Packers are known for their participation in the National Football League (NFL). 

But, if you are a fan of the Packers, then you are probably wondering what channel is Packers game on today. Thanks to this article, you will no longer have to wonder. This article will help you find the best channel for watching the Packers game.

When Do The Packers Play?

The Packers Play

Before you know where to watch the packers game, you should know when the game actually starts. Good news for you – the Green Bay Packers have a game on the upcoming Sunday. They will play against New York Giants. Here is a schedule of the game –

  • Teams: The Green Bay Packers vs. The New York Giants
  • Time: Sunday, October 09 at 8:30 a.m. CT
  • Venue: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium ( in London, England)

What Channel Is The Packers Game On?

The Packers Game

If you are constantly asking your friend, “what channel is the packers game on tonight?” then you are not helping yourself. It is an NFL game which means it will obviously get broadcasted on the NFL Network. 

The game will also get simulcast in Green Bay Market on WLUK-TV. It will also be on TMJ-TV in the Milwaukee market. The game on October 09, 2022, will be reported by Kevin Kugler, the Play-by-play man who will also be joined by analyst Mark Sanchez. Laura Okmin and Stacey Dales will be reporting from the sidelines. 

What Channel Is The Packers Game On Radio?

The Packers Game On Radio

It is not always possible to watch the match. Especially if you are on your way somewhere and driving your car, in that case, you can listen to the match on the Radio. But what channel is the packers game on Radio? Thanks to the Packers Radio Network, you can listen to the game live. 

The vast network is made up of 49 stations that are in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and South Dakota. as of 2022, the Packers have transitioned to a new and better Flagship station in Milwaukee. It is named.

Most importantly, the game gets broadcasted (play-by-play) by Wayne Larrivee, and Larry McCarren, two times Packers Pro Bowler, joins the radio station as the analyst and calls the action. Both Larrivee and McCarren have paired on the radio platform of the Packers Radio Station. You can rely on their radio channel for all the Packer games you want to listen to.

But for Westwood One Sports, the national audience has to accompany Bill Rosinski and Derek Rackley (play-by-play and analyst) on the call. Scott Graham acts as the host of the pregame and the halftime shows of the game. Fans can also tune into Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 228 (WTMJ feed) for a live radio broadcast of the game. 

How To Stream The Packers Game? 

Stream The Packers Game

Yes, the TV network still rules, while the radio network is far from over. But we know that people are more into streaming nowadays. So if you want to stream the packers game then here is the guide you should follow –

1. Packers.com 

Desktop users can steam the game from the official radio network of the Packers. But, if you want to stream it on mobile phones, you have to be within the Packers’ home market according to the broadcasting restrictions of the NFL.

2. Packers Mobile app

You can also rely on the mobile Packers to access the radio broadcast of the Packers game. 

3. NFL+

Another option to try out is the NFL+ for the live local games. They also offer a 7-day free trial.

Packers Game Schedule 2022 (October to December)

WeekDateTime Opponent Platform
5Oct. 99:30 a.m. ETvs. Giants (in London)NFL Network
6Oct. 161 p.m. ETvs. JetsFOX
7Oct. 239:30 a.m. ETat CommandersFOX
8Oct. 30 (SNF)8:20 p.m. ETat BillsNBC
9Nov. 61 p.m. ETat LionsFOX
10Nov. 134:25 p.m. ETvs. CowboysFOX
11Nov. 17 (TNF)8:15 p.m. ETvs. TitansAmazon Prime
12Nov. 27 (SNF)8:20 p.m. ETat EaglesNBC
13Dec. 41 p.m. ETat BearsFOX
15Dec. 19 (MNF)8:15 p.m. ETvs. RamsESPN
16Dec. 241 p.m. ETat DolphinsFOX
17Jan. 14:25 p.m. ETvs. VikingsCBS
18Jan. 7 or Jan. 8TBDvs. LionsTBD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions to which you might love knowing the answers. 

1. How To Watch Packers Game Today?

You can watch the Packers game on NFL+, Packers Radio Network. Packers.com also offers access to the radio broadcast of the Packers game to specific places. 

2. What Channel Is CBS in Green Bay?

Channel 5 is a TV station in Green Bay. It is a corresponding television channel with CBS. Channel 5 has also WFRV-TV. 

3. Can I Stream The Packer Game For Free?

If you have Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or Roku, you can access the Green Bay Packers streaming app for free and watch the Packers game from there. 

Final Words

The packers are one of the best professional football teams, and they have a religious fanbase who enjoy their football matches. If you are looking for ways to watch their match, then this article can help you. I have answered your question, “what channel is the packers game on” in this article. 

If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section; we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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