Wes Bergmann Talks On ‘The Challenge: USA’ Season 2 About His Reality TV Retirement  


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September 22, 2023

Wes Bergmann Talks On ‘The Challenge_ USA’ Season 2 About His Reality TV Retirement

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    When Wes Bergmann started his career on the show in 2006, he made an impression from the jump. He made his way back to being a rookie outcast by winning a large number of eliminations. From that time, he made MTV a part of his life for the better part of about 20 years old.

    With this life-turning phase, Wes decided ‘The Challenge: USA’ season 2 would be the last time he competed in the franchise. After that, he went down at someone’s hands, though he failed to make it.

    Wes has made himself one of the franchise faces with big-brain and hit-wit gameplay. One of the most true tactics of Wes Bergmann is that he will immediately gather up the rookie, and then he will recruit them to your side. But this time, unfortunately, he was met with opposition to this. In this case, CBS alumni overruled him in the first major vote, which was made in the green team.

    Although this was no elimination arena for Wes, he felt somehow different this time. Wes’s wife was expecting their first child, and at that time, Wes had already decided to retire from ‘The Challenge’ following the season to be there for his family and businesses full-time.

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