Most Haunted Places Across The Globe

Nothing beats a good ghost story the spirits are wandering the halls of British Castles. Regardless of traveling to other destinations, ensure to find some haunted landmarks. Here are the most haunted places across the globe...

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Chuuk Lagoon

Another of the best-haunted graveyards, which sits 50 feet underwater, is Chuuk Lagoon. After all, the Chuuk Lagoon served as the fortified base for the Japanese Navy during WWII.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the biggest attractions in Scotland's capital city. This is a 900-year-old back castle, and visitors report the sightings of colonial prisoners from the American Revolutionary.

Edinburgh Castle

One of the most haunted castles built in 1829 is Eastern State Penitentiary. However, no punishment had gotten any less severe before this was closed in 1970.

Eastern State Penitentiary