Longest Railway Tunnels Across The Globe

In recent times, railway tunnels have been a feat of engineering because they allow a sustainable and strategic mobility system. This is like trains where you can travel long routes in a shorter time. Here are the longest railway tunnels across the globe...

The Brenner Base Tunnel has been destined to break down each record of the first and foremost length. This new railway line is under construction beneath the Australian and Italian Alps, which reaching a length of 64 km.

The Brenner Base Tunnel

One of the longest railway tunnels globally is the Gotthard Base tunnel. This is almost 57.1 km (about 35.48 mi), built between 1872 to 1882. This tunnel has been used by both passenger and freight trains.

Gotthard Base Tunnel

WestConnex is one of the longest railway tunnels known as the WestConnex tunnel. More than 200 homes were purchased compulsorily to make way for the construction.