Countries Which Provide Petrol At The Cheapest Prices

Petrol prices have become common in terms of paying a considerable amount for petrol. But have you wondered about those countries which provide petrol at the lowest price?

Many people need a different concept than that; they usually pay a lot of petrol prices in the UK. But this is exactly not the fact. After all, the UK is one of the top and significant countries which provide petrol at a lower price.


Venezuela is another significant country whose gasoline costs are just .1 Bolivar. This means it costs just .004 per liter, after which this price has been increased a little to just .50 USD per liter.


Iran is another of the most famous countries where the fuel price costs just 15000 Iranian or just .029 USD per liter. The petrol price in this country is now 30,000 INR per liter or just .58 USD per liter.