5 Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries In Auto accidents




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May 23, 2022

Brain Injuries

An accident can be very trivial at times, but sometimes it can be life-threatening. This is why we must never take any automobile accident lightly.

If you are yet to understand what serious injury we will be talking about, then it is about a serious brain injury, and can we talk about the worst part of brain injury?

How there is a possibility of not catching the seriousness of the situation instantly. There have been patients who have gone home after head trauma, only to discover the issue hours later. So, God forbid; if you ever face a car accident and you receive a head trauma, do not take it lightly.

Many have dealt with the worst kind of head injuries through simple automobile accidents. Therefore, you should be well informed about them as well.

What Is A Brain Injury?

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The brain is one of the most important organs of our body. That is why biologically, it has three kinds of protection. Yes, we are talking about the skull, the three layers of meninges, and of course, the cerebrospinal fluid.

Although, in spite of all these protective layers, there could be a possibility of a serious head injury. Sometimes, the head trauma that all these layers of protection do not matter. This is one of the reasons why you should never take these accidents lightly.

Sometimes, the trauma can reach your head CNS (Central Nervous System) and cause you an injury or disability for a lifetime.

Types OF Brain Injury Which Can Be Serious

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Here are the five types of brain injury which can cause difficulty and sometimes even disability. Operating these brain injuries also means you are looking at a big medical bill.

Thus, if you are confident that this is a personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence, immediately contact your medical insurance guy and a personal injury lawyer. You can learn more about Butler Law Firm if you have a lawsuit in hand.

1. Diffuse Axonal

When your head rotates severely due to a serious automobile injury, you can have tears in the axon structure of the brain. This is a serious injury directly in the CNS, and it can cause headaches, migraines, and even extreme seizures. However, epilepsy or memory losses are not the worst thing that can happen.

Some people suffer through a diffuse axonal; on the more serious side, they can collapse and go into a long coma. There are even cases of injured victims dying because of this condition.

2. Concussion

This is the most common kind of brain injury which can happen after a huge trauma to the head due to brain injury. This might not be as serious as the others on the list, but it is nevertheless not something to be taken lightly.

Yes, the worst that can happen due to a concussion is mild amnesia, where you forget a part of your memory. On the much more benign side, you will have some lightheadedness, confusion, or probably pass out of dizziness. However, taking this injury lightly could lead to major issues later and a sudden coma after the collapse.

3. Penetration

Just by the name, you can understand that it is a very serious issue. The most common outcome after a head injury due to penetration is death on the spot if quick actions are not taken. Penetration is not a blunt trauma; rather, an object has managed to break through the hard layer of the skull and penetrate into the brain.

Sometimes the penetration is just on the skull, but sometimes it could be more severe and reach the brain. If you find any bleeding from the skull, you shouldn’t waste any time and immediately ask for medical help.

Penetration is a kind of head injury that will not only cost someone their life, but it can affect their Central Nervous System as well as their cognitive capabilities. People have not only lost memories and have endured disabilities due to this, but they have also seen a change in their mood and overall psychology.

4. Contusion

A contusion is nothing but bruising in the brain. However, again it is not a matter to be taken lightly because brain bruising is a difficult scenario to evaluate. You can never understand whether you need to go home, rest, or need an operation unless you take the right medical help.

The bruising can be on one side, or head trauma can impact both sides. This is commonly known as a coup-counter coup. This means there is significant bruising on both sides of the brain. Pain and swelling are the most common side effects of these bruises.

However, sometimes these bruises can cause internal blood clots. Now, this can cause a plethora of cognitive problems, one of them could also be speech impairment, difficulty speaking, and memory loss.

5. Acquired Brain Injuries

This is a kind of injury that is not caused by any kind of brain injury. For instance, someone is not getting a direct, blunt trauma on the head, but they are enduring other injuries like excessive blood loss or chest injuries, and these, in turn, are causing some severe brain injuries.

No matter what happens, since your brain and spinal cord are helping in the function of the nervous Central System, any severe injury can have some acquired effect on the brain. So, it is a request that if you find your head is hurting after an accident, do not simply take an Advil and go to sleep.

Please consult a doctor, and get an MRI to see if there is any risk of internal injury.

Injury Is Always Serious!

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When it comes to an injury that is endured in an automobile accident, it is not just about getting the right treatment; it is also about collecting the right medical evidence if you have a lawsuit on hand.

Your personal injury lawyer will be asking you to give all these documents and ensure that you get your deserved monetary compensation for the injury.

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