What Are The Topics Covered Under The Veterinary Program?


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August 9, 2021

Veterinary Program

Have you ever been called a philosophic?

Or do you seem to care a little too much about all the furry, non-furry bodies and charismatic creatures out there?

Then you must venture into the unique academic branch for aspirants like you that are referred to as veterinary science.

Let’s check out some of the subjects that are typically taught as part of every Caribbean veterinary program.

1. Veterinary osteology

This involves the study of anatomical structures of the animals, including a detailed description of their bones and skeleton.

2. Scope and importance of biochemistry

2. Scope and importance of biochemistry

This refers to the branch of science that explores the chemical processes related to and within living organisms, specific to animals.

3. Animal Histology

This is the microscopic version of the anatomy of the animals that are primarily focused on domestic species including cats, dogs, horses, pigs, and more.

4. Veterinary Myology

4. Veterinary Myology

This section of your medical course curriculum will include the study of the different muscles that affect the characteristics and movement of different animals.

5. Animal husbandry

This is a branch of science that deals with the practice of farming, breeding, and care of farm animals, which includes selective breeding and livestock raising.

6. Pharmacology

This branch of medicine deals with the study of drugs and their effect on living systems specifically animals.

7. Clinical abnormalities in domestic animals

Clinical pathologic abnormalities in animals include clinical cytogenetics of animal reproduction and neurodegenerative diseases in animals.

8. Anesthesiology

This section revolves around the medical specialty that is concerned with the complete perioperative care of animals during and after surgery.

9. Spiderman to genesis in animals

9. Spiderman to genesis in animals

This refers to the process of regulating germ cell multiplication and differentiation to produce genetically modified organisms.

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10. Drug response by ANS

In this section, we will study pharmacodynamics [PD] of the response to the drug physically and psychologically by animals.

11. Veterinary immunology

You will not only get to study the immune system in animals but also get to explore other branches of biomedical sciences related to zoology.

12. Introduction to aquatic animals

12. Introduction to aquatic animals

Sure you will learn about the animals [either vertebrate or invertebrate] which live in the water for most of their lifetime.

13. Ethics and animal welfare

This involves theories beast on justice on animals, laying great emphasis on animal interests and the effect of human activities on the environment.

14. Animals, birds, and aquatic animal diseases

You will receive hands-on training for the detection of reportable diseases and pathogens within all types of animals.

15. Animal healthcare management

15. Animal healthcare management

Medical students in the Caribbean islands are thought about practices related to keeping records of animal treatment, as well as the frequency of livestock inspection.

16. Surgery

This section deals with the in and outs of surgery performed on animals by veterinarians, broadly explaining the procedures and the different areas of surgical operations.

17. Animal nutrition

This section focuses on the dietary requirements of animals, primarily those in the food production and agricultural sector.

18. Animal genetics

Perceived as one of the pillars of livestock development, animal genetics is a broad field of medicine that includes characterization, genetic improvement in animals, and positive actions towards animals that can be taken on an international level.

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