Top Tips to Create a Neighborhood Watch


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January 22, 2021

Neighborhood Watch

Everybody would like to feel as safe as possible when they are in their own neighborhood. There is plenty that a good-quality law enforcement service can do, but they do have limited resources. One of the best ways that you can bolster what they are doing and take a proactive role in the community is to create a neighborhood watch. If you aren’t sure how to get started, here are a few top tips to help you out.

Recruit and Organize Your Neighbors

A neighborhood watch is bound to be stronger if more people are involved, so now is the time to go on a recruitment drive to involve as many of your neighbors as you possibly can. Start to talk to your neighbors to gauge how many people would be interested. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can start printing off some flyers and leaflets to distribute around. Alternatively, you could take on the modern version of this approach by creating your own social media page.

Schedule a Meeting With Law Enforcement

As much as possible, you will want your neighborhood watch to work side by side with your local law enforcement agency. With this in mind, you should aim to schedule a meeting with them. This way, you can get some further tips on how you should proceed, as well as how the two organizations can work together. Obviously, you want to work alongside your law enforcement rather than stepping on any toes.

Talk About an Action Plan

It is worth discussing any specific concerns that you have within the neighborhood, as well as the ways in which you will communicate these as widely as possible. There may be a particular aspect or part of the area that you are unhappy with. In some situations, getting in touch with the local government is another useful way of getting your concerns heard and potentially dealt with.

Discuss a Communication Plan

You should also work out how you are going to communicate with one another, as well as with your law enforcement agency. Setting up a WhatsApp group is a common and easy comms technique that many people use. Check out this “Talkie Spy” post to best police scanner if this is going to be a technique that is useful to your group.

Organize Meetings and Events

In order to ensure that your group continues to have momentum, you will need to organize a series of meetings and events that bring you all together. While these may be to discuss practical matters, this can also present a nice social occasion, which also serves to make the bonds of the group even stronger—which will also work in your favor!

If you are planning on setting up your own neighborhood watch, these are just a few of the steps that will move you in the right direction. Follow them one by one and you should have a group that will provide a genuine service to your community.

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