The Co-Founder Of Flashbots Contributed The Design Part Of Telegram Trading Bot ‘Alfred’


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November 10, 2023

Telegram Trading Bot 'Alfred'

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    The CEO of Frontier Research, Gosselin, collaborated with the famous research firm Kolibrio to make Alfred. This bot addresses the MEV (Maximum Extractable VAlue) issue in mitigating problems caused by the rebalancing of Ethereum Liquidity Pools and the front-running of Ethereum Liquidity pools.

    Being a Telegram bot, it spreads to Ethereum users. It offers many features for token sniping and even swapping while you are protecting the transactions from the malicious bot, a common concern in decentralized finance and front-running finance.

    This bot simplifies the user interactions. Multiple users can command the bot within the Telegram chat, through which you can create a new Telegram wallet. This happens by generating private keys and corresponding addresses directly within the chat of Alfred. This also enables users to initiate the token to swap securely. This bot will also help to catch any Telegram app scams as well.

    This Telegram bot has gained a lot of popularity in the crypto space and provides traders with automation options. These bots can connect with cryptocurrency, exchanging and executing predefined trades by incorporating many features. This includes take-profit orders, stop-loss, honeypot safeguards, and many others.

    Alfred aims to empower users while shielding against MEV, enhancing the entire trading experience within multiple social messaging applications. In a statement, Gosselin said, “I am excited to introduce Alfred and work on improving user experience in web3. Alfred leverages all the exciting innovations brought by the transaction supply chain to create delightful on-chain interactions.”

    In 2020, Gosselin started working with other co-founders to research and develop Alfred. He even contributed to the design part of the MEV supply chain.

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