Recently Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Shared A Teaser Of Upcoming VisionOS App  


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November 24, 2023

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov Shared A Teaser Of Upcoming VisionOS App

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    Telegram recently is one of the major messaging applications across the globe. This boasts users, which are more than 1 billion in number. This software app costs little money and plays well with multiple devices. No matter if it is on Android, macOS, iOS, or even Windows. This makes its way to VisionOS.

    Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has shared a teaser on his channel showing how this app will look on the iOS version of Pro. Recently, Telegram has ensured that this app follows all the visionOS design guidelines. On the other hand, users have an in-depth sense while they are using Telegram on Vision Pro.

    Telegram for visionOS has a sidebar that provides quick access to calls, chats, contacts, and settings. Users can predict all the same features available in Telegram for iOS, such as audio, media, and even newly introduced Stories.

    Vision Pro is expected to hit stores in early 2024 in the U.S. Telegram still has time to allow users to get the visionOS app ready for its launch next year.

    Telegram developers can also download the visionOS SDK to build applications for Vision Pro. iOS invited a few developers where users can try out the new hardware, which is ahead of the official launch. Telegram will ensure the app stays in sync with all design guidelines of the vision. This app will add depth to the Telegram experience on Vision Pro.

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