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October 23, 2021

Student Loans

Not every student is alike and has the means to afford all the school expenses. Some cannot be fully supported by their parents due to financial struggles. That is why there are student loans out there to ease the hardships of every student who does not have enough money to continue going to school.

This could be a loan from their state government or a private institution to assist students with financial challenges, use it toward school tuition or other expenses.

If you are in search of suitable student loans that will meet your needs, let this article be a guide for you to know what necessary information and options you can avail and benefit from. Below are some of the top financial companies that may provide student loans you need:


Interest rates: 1,66% per month

Loan term period: up to 6 months

Loanable minimum amount: PHP 2 000

Loanable maximum amount: PHP 50 000

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Development Bank Philippines

Students from public and private schools can apply for short-term loans that started in 2020 from the Commission on Higher Education and the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP).

Loanable maximum amount: PHP 60 000

Payment terms: Up to 12 months

Average Time of Approval: 5 banking days

Security Bank

A loan for different purposes depending on your situation: educational loan, Emergency loan, Calamity loan, and others.

Loanable minimum amount: PHP 30 000

Loanable maximum amount: PHP 2 000 000

Payment terms: Up to 36 months

Processing Fee: PHP 2000

Approval time: within 5 banking days

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This is another financial company that offers a type of loan for any purpose – may it be for an educational loan, calamity loan, emergency loan, and others.

Loanable minimum amount: PHP 50 000

Loanable maximum amount: PHP 1 000 000

Payment duration: Up to 3 years

Processing fee: PHP 2 000

Average approval time: 1 to 3 banking days

Are the mentioned financial assistance providers did not meet your preferences? Then, if you are looking for more student loans options and finding the best deal that matches your preferred type of loan, you can head and visit UpFinance’s website. It has quick and easy access to those students like you who wants to get financial assistance online. Hassle-free already because UpFinance is always available to lend you a helping hand.

We all get anxious by scrolling, right? and often have a hard time choosing financial assistance with the best conditions. You no longer have to worry as UpFinance is a convenient service tool that will guide you in finding the best financial products suitable for you.

Upfinance has all data and information from various leading financial companies nationwide: pawnshops, banks, insurance companies, investment companies, and P2P platforms. Their goal is to provide convenience to all as the website promotes saving time scrolling on the internet to find what you are looking for and letting you know all those requirements you need to prepare first in applying for student loans.

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