Spotify Gathers Its Tools With A New ‘Campaign Kit’ For Artists


Sarmind Safi


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December 9, 2023

Spotify Gathers Its Tools With A New Campaign Kit For Artists

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    Spotify has been building a steady collection of marketing tools for artists: playlist submissions, Marquee, Showcase and the famous Discovery Mode.

    Now the music giant is planning to bring all of that together under an umbrella, calling it Campaign Kit. The idea is to encourage artists and their managing teams to not only use tools individually but also all at once.

    Spotify says Marquee “captures listeners’ undivided attention with a full-screen, sponsored recommendation of your new release right when they open the app. When a listener clicks on a Marquee, they can save or go directly to your new release, where they can focus on your music.”

    Discovery Mode is set to “help expand the reach of your songs in personalized playlists — with no upfront cost. Select the songs that are a priority for you, and we’ll use that signal to help you find new listeners who are going to love them.”

    Showcase is Spotify’s latest addition to the product mix. It “lets you promote your music to likely listeners at any time with a mobile banner at the top of Spotify’s Home – where millions of listeners look when they’re deciding what to listen to. You can spotlight both new releases and music from your catalog for any occasion, like if your song is going viral, you’re drumming up interest in a tour, or your album anniversary is coming up.”

    The blog post that announces the launch includes case studies of artists such as: Thuy, Magic City Hippies, and Goth Babe. They used a combination of Marquee and Discovery Mode.

    While playlist pitching is available at a global level the other three tools are yet to roll out across the world. Spotify has revealed that it plans to use its new Campaign Kit website to provide educational materials on how to use the tools on January 24. It will also include a Kit Masterclass.

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