What Is Snapchat Planets? Get To Know It Here!  


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June 3, 2023

Snapchat Planets

Snapchat is a social media app used for regular chats, messaging, and uploading videos on stories and pictures. The paid version of Snapchat has Snapchat planets, which are encouraging a lot of curiosity.

In the free version of Snapchat, you can already see various emojis next to the contact’s name. These are present to indicate your friendship level with that contact. When you click on the image of the contact, you can see the friend or best friend badge given by Snapchat in the unpaid version.

The level of friendship completely depends on the interaction through messaging and sharing of pictures and videos on snapchat. The Snapchat planets is an advanced version of this feature that can be accessed only through a paid subscription.

Considering it is an app many people regularly use to interact with their close friends, they use the paid subscription. As a user of Snapchat +, you can access the Snapchat solar system. The planets define the level of friendship with a specific person based on your interaction history.

What Are Snapchat planets? Get To Know It Here!  

What Are Snapchat planets? Get To Know It Here

Many social media platforms are creating premium subscriptions for which users must pay additional costs to access premium features. Whatsapp Business, Telegram, and YouTube Premium are some of these platforms that are charging for the use of certain features. Snapchat has developed Snapchat Plus.

To access Snapchat Plus, you must add a subscription to your plan to use certain features exclusively. Snapchat Planets is one such feature that paid users can access only. The Snapchat solar system will help you learn about what the planets signify.

You will need to pay $3.99 monthly to use Snapchat Plus, where you can access features such as pinning conversations, exclusive icons, and others. For six months, you need to pay $21.99; for an annual subscription, the charges are $39.99.

According to the company, almost 2 million people have subscribed by January 2023. As it is a new feature, you might need clarification about the snap planets in order, but this article will explain your friends’ ranks concerning the planets.

Snapchat Plus  

Snapchat Plus  

With the premium version of Snapchat out, people who regularly use the app are excited. You will get a free trial period of 7 days before paying for the subscription. This way, you will already get an understanding of it before you spend your hard-earned bucks.

Snapchat Plus is gradually being released on iPhones and Android in the US. The premium version helps you categorize your friends by allowing you to change the app’s icon.

Another exciting feature is that a premium user can check which of their friends has rewatched their story. However, one disadvantage of premium Snapchat is that there are still advertisements the same as the free version of Snapchat.

Snapchat Planets  

Snapchat Planets 

The Snapchat planet order is discussed in this article so that you can learn more about the features and why they are interesting. The number of streaks among friends will justify how your friends will be ordered and symbolized through planets.

The planets are a fancy way of representing friendships based on how much you interact with them. It can also be an interesting way of seeing your list of close and best friends on Snapchat.

When you check the profile of friends, you can check the badge of friends or best friends. There are also displays where a gold ring is around the badge, showing that the person is one of the closest friends out of eight.

When you check the profile, you will also find the planet when you tap on the friendship badge. It means it shows how close the individuals are to each other concerning their interaction.

Order Of The Snapchat Planets And Their Meaning  

Order Of The Snapchat Planets And Their Meaning

Mercury resembles the closest planet to the sun; therefore, this planet goes to a friend with whom you interact the most through messaging, videos, and pictures. The symbolization of this planet is through the Pink planet and red hearts around it.

Venus resembles the second closest person you share pictures, videos, and texts with. It reaches beige, while the hearts are pink, blue, and yellow.

Earth is the third planet. Hence, it symbolizes the third close friend you have on Snapchat when messaging. The planet’s color is green, along with the hearts colored red. It also has a moon.

Mars as the planet goes for the fourth person on the list of sharing and texting on Snapchat. They are considered your fourth closest friend. The planet’s color is red, while the hearts are blue and purple.

Jupiter represents the fifth planet. Hence, it is tagged to a friend with whom you interact, but they are fifth on the list. The planet’s color is orange, and the planet has no heart. It does feel a little out of your circle now that there is no heart.

Saturn is the sixth planet symbolizing the friend on the sixth number of texting and messaging list. The planet is of the color yellow, and there is also a ring around the planet.

Uranus symbolizes the seventh friend on the list of Snapchat texts and level of interaction. Considering the planet is the seventh planet in the system, the friend can be viewed as a little out of the best friend’s zone. The planets do not have any hearts on them, and the planet’s color is green.

Neptune is the eighth planet of the solar system, symbolizing the friend that comes at number eight on the level of daily interaction and engagement on Snapchat. The planet’s color is blue, and there are no hearts around the planet.

You may see that the Snapchat solar system is not working. If you know no planet tagging in your best friends’ profile and the gold ring is absent, it can also be the case that they do not have the Snapchat planet.

If you are unable to see yourself on your best friends’ list of planets, it can be the case that you are not on their list; hence, you are unable to see yourself.


The article has made a list of the Snapchat planet orders and their meaning so that you should understand. It also helps you know how the level of interaction works in Snapchat.

Do let us know in the comments below whether you will pay additional charges to access the Snapchat planets. Let us know if you already use them and what your experience is.

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