People Magazine Announced Patrick Dempsey As The Sexiest Man Alive From 2022 Selection


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November 8, 2023

Patrick Dempsey As The Sexiest Man Alive

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    People’s magazine organized a poll in 2022 based on the “sexiest man alive,” and Patrick Dempsey was announced. It was announced Tuesday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that the “Grey’s Anatomy” star is taking the mantle of Chris Evans, Captain America!

    Dempsey, also known as “McDreamy,” has become the new sexiest man alive, following Chris Evans, who carried the title a year back. When he learned about the title, he told the magazine that he had completely forgotten about being in a limelight position.

    For a long time, he has been a bridesmaid, so becoming the sexiest man alive was a little surprising! The actor, a race car driver, said the ego was good! You will see him in an upcoming film, “Ferrari” by Michael Mann!

    According to an interview given last year to the Associated Press, he stated that for him, this is the best role he has done so far! The 57-year-old actor has driven in many professional races along with being a part of the Wright Motorsports racing team, as claimed by the website.

    He has also competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, quite a handsome surprise, don’t you think! The story covering his title by People’s magazine will be released on Friday as the cover story.

    The father of 3 said he was bound to be teased for this title, and he said it was quite an interesting way to identify themselves. He is also involved in charity apart from his professional career in acting and racing, as he founded the Dempsey Center in honor of his mother.

    The Dempsey Center is an organization based in Maine that provides resources and care for cancer patients! Now we know it is not just those looks but also the heart underneath it all. Other sexiest man alive title winners over the years have been Paul Rudd, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, and Michael B. Jordan!

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