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March 31, 2022

Healthy Skin

We have all grown up seeing people in magazines and on television, wondering how to get the perfect clear skin!

Well, let me tell you a secret.

They are fake!

Nothing you see on the screen or on the polished page is real. They are either surgically enhanced, or they have been edited post-production.

Thus, you do not have to feel guilty for not having such smooth skin.

However, let me let you in on a real secret.

You can achieve clear skin!

Yes, it wouldn’t be as great as a magazine cover, but that is artificial. As a human being, your skin will definitely have texture and, at the same time, can be clear from unnecessary acne, rashes, redness, etc.

Exactly the clearness that you would always want!

However, you have to work for that.

Well, not exactly work but eat.


Along with the dermatologic products you are using.

No, we do not mean tasteless food, and you can, of course, have cheat days once in a while. But, having healthy nutrition incorporated into your diet is very important.

Why Does One Needs Healthy Nutrition For Skin

Why Does One Needs Healthy Nutrition For Skin

There is no such thing as skincare only in the external part. If you really want to take care of your skin, you also have to take care of it internally.

Some nutritious foods have anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, which are excellent for your skin.

You also have to include some greens and fiber in your diet, and this should help you clear your system of all toxic materials.

There are some superfoods that are excellent for your skin, as they can give you that youthful glow.

At the end of the day, these are some whole foods and nutrients that can help you detox your body, which is essential for healthy skin.

Beauty Inside Out

Here are some of the common nutrients and food items which you can incorporate into your daily diet.

a. Omega 3

Yes, we know, you could be confused!

Omega 3 has always been known for increasing your brainpower, so why are we associating it with good skin?

There are some anti-inflammatory properties in the fatty acid of omega 3, which your body cannot produce on its own.

There are some serious skin problems like psoriasis, which can be prevented or tamed with the help of Omega 3.

b. Sunflower Seeds

It is not just about having nutrients that can prevent your skin from skin problems; sometimes, we need good food just so we can have that youthful glow on our skin.

This is what sunflower seeds will help you achieve.

Prevent anti-aging and give you a tighter skin texture.

c. Broccoli

Greens are always good for your skin!

However, broccoli is extra special because of its richness in vitamin A, vitamin C, and even Lutein.

Lutein is a product that can help you get younger-looking skin by reversing aging elements like dryness and wrinkles.

d. Tomatoes

Needless to say, vitamin C is good for your skin.

Where to start with-

– You have anti-bacterial.

– Anti-inflammatory.

– Anti-oxidant.

Everything that you need to get rid of toxins and keep your body healthy and glowing is here.

e. Dark Chocolate

Yes, at first we were shocked!

However, studies have found that having some pure dark chocolate daily can help you have more hydrated skin.

This is because of the antioxidants in dark chocolate.

f. Vitamin E

Almonds, hazelnuts, and avocados are all great in vitamin E, and you should incorporate them into your diet.

Vitamin E is a great way to heal any kind of skin tissue damage.

For example, accidental scars or scars from cystic acne.

g. Water

Last but not least!

The most important nutrition that you can ever give your skin. This is one of the best ways to detox your skin from all the toxins and give yourself that youthful glow.

No matter what you drink or eat, never ever deduct the number of glasses you are drinking in a day.

Healthy Skin! Healthy You!

Healthy Skin! Healthy You!

Healthy-looking skin is something that can make you feel confident in your own skin.

It is not about reaching a benchmark or having crystal clear skin.

It is about feeling good and clean from the inside; only then will your skin glow.

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