Novak Djokovic Defeats Medvedev, Wins His 24th Major Grand Slam Title: US Open  


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September 11, 2023

Novak Djokovic Defeats Medvedev

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    After suffering from a stunning upset, the Serbian player defeated the 27-year-old tennis player for his 24th major title inside the Arthur Ashe Stadium. During the trophy ceremony, Djokovic talked about his feelings about making history in his sport. He further stated that this is remarkably special.

    Despite feeling fatigued, this fourth time, the U.S. Open tennis championship, he did what he always seems to do under pressure. In this way, he found a way to win. Two months ago, Novak Djokovic suffered an upsetting five-set defeat playing the final Wimbledon match with Carlos Alcaraz.

    This comeback of Novak mainly indicates that loss in Cincinnati, and he has won all of his 12 matches since. It was an emotional scene when Noval received a warm hug from his daughter, Tara.

    Then, this Serbian tennis player climbed up to his box to embrace the rest of his team along with his friend and actor Matthew McConaughey. Djokovic said to the media, “I fell in love with tennis. No one has played tennis in my family before, so it was quite a choice I must say.” He further stated, “But incredible resilience, just belief from my parents, from all the people around me all these years. My wife, my kids, my team, everyone that is there, this is your trophy as much as it is mine. This is your success. I love you.”

    In the first half of this U.S. Open, Djokovic continued his impressive ball-striking and easily changed directions afterward. But when it reaches 3-3, the tone of points has started changing. Djokovic even fell to the court for his fatigue and some weak conditions.

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