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May 21, 2022

Signature Shoes

Did you know that there were 16 NBA players in the 20-21 NBA season that had their own signature shoes? Signature shoe deals are something that business owner often associated with the National Basketball Association and with good reason. Many of the biggest shoe companies want the best and most marketable athletes to wear shoes from their brand.

The best of the best end up getting signature shoe lines that manufacturer designed especially for them. People like LeBron James and Steph Curry are the most synonymous when it comes to the signature shoe list. If you want to learn about the other big Jordan brand signature shoes out there then today is your lucky day.

The stress and physical rigors of the sport often push these players towards injuries. The reason why they concentrate on the shoes is because of the grip and support it offers. Leading NBA players have had to wait out seasons and take help from the best sports physiotherapy to get back on to the court. They must follow exercise regimens and ensure that they have recovered their body fully. Else they risk other serious injuries.

You’ve come to the right place to learn about signature shoes from across the NBA and the players that wear them. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

1. LeBron James

The LeBron signature shoe line from Nike is the longest-running shoe line in the history of the NBA, as it approaches a full two decades of signature shoes for The King. The LeBron 19s are designed by Jason Petrie, who is famous for designing each of the previous 12 LeBron signature basketball shoes.

They feature multiple air bladder pockets and some additional padding along the tongue of the shoes for more protection. You’ll see the LeBron crown featured on these shoes along with areas in the midsole for messages to fans, friends, and more.

2. Kevin Durant

The Nike KD 14 is a shoe designed for Kevin Durant, and it features a strap along the top for added support and security when you’re on the court. Durant has the distinction of being only the third player in the NBA’s history to have 14 different shoe models during their active basketball career.

The only two players that have more shoes with their signature shoe deals are LeBron James and Michael Jordan. You can’t go wrong with adding some Kevin Durant basketball shoes to your closet.

3. Chris Paul

Chris Paul is yet another of the stars in the NBA that has their own signature shoes. He signed with Nike when he was drafted out of Wake Forest but made the switch to Jordan to get his own Jordan Brand signature shoes after his third year in the league.

Chris has a history of using his signature shoes to highlight HBCUs in a show of support and spreading awareness of these great schools. Paul also writes “Can’t Give Up Now” on each of his shoes before each game. His signature shoes are quite similar to the Jordan Melo shoes.

4. Derrick Rose

Another NBA player that has a long history of wearing signature shoes is Derrick Rose. Rose has his signature shoe deals through Adidas after signing a massive 12-year agreement with the shoe giant. The Derrick Rose shoe line is most successful in Asia.

The main signature shoe that he is wearing for the 2021-2022 season is the “Son of Chi” shoe. It includes a bunch of features from previous DRose shoes that he’s worn over the years.

5. Steph Curry

Steph Curry is one of the most recognizable players in the NBA after achieving tons of success with the Golden State Warriors. He wears his own shoe brand under the Curry Brand name. The Curry 8s are the most popular model worn by Steph Curry, but you also can’t go wrong with the Curry 9s that were released this year.

6. Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is one of the biggest NBA players out there when it comes to signature shoe lines with Adidas. He has a history of wearing signature shoes that shout out his hometown of Oakland, California as well as making references to his favorite songs and artists.

The most recent Lillard shoe is the Dame 8, which was designed using his love of boxing. He’s known for his late-game heroics and his knock-out shots, which are reminiscent of a boxer knocking out their opponent. He also incorporates boxing into his workout routine when preparing for the upcoming season.

7. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving hasn’t spent as much time on the court as is normal in the 2021-2022 season, but that doesn’t mean that his signature shoe line has been forgotten. The most recent Kyrie Irving signature shoes feature a lot of the same benefits as the Air Zoom basketball shoes.

A large number of players throughout the NBA choose to wear Irving’s shoes during the season because they’re comfortable and they perform well. They’re designed for players that cut into the lane to get buckets in traffic.

8. Klay Thompson

Another big Golden State Warrior star with his own signature shoes is Klay Thompson. Thompson signed an 8-year deal for his signature shoes with Anta. His goal is to become the Michael Jordan of Anta shoes at some point during his NBA career.

Anta is one of the largest shoe companies in Asia with more than 10,000 locations across the continent. Thompson has become the face of the shoe brand and has a signature KT logo thanks to Anta.

9. Paul George

Paul George is onto his sixth signature shoe after signing signature deals with Nike, which means that he is the seventh athlete with Nike to reach six signature shoes during his NBA career. The PG1 was a massive hit with players across the league as more than 40 players were spotted wearing them over the following seasons.

His shoes are known for their low silhouettes and their sleek appearances. Players that wear them site the grip and the support that they feel when wearing them as the main reasons why they love Paul George’s signature shoes.

Purchase Your Favorite Signature Shoes Today

No matter if you’re a pro or you’re playing in the park with friends, you can’t go wrong with balling in your favorite signature shoes from a number of NBA stars. Veterans like Chris Paul and LeBron James have long-running signature shoe deals while younger players like Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving are taking the league by storm with their signature shoe lines.

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