Surveys conducted at the end of 2018 found that over 12 million households in the US had a motorcycle. Unfortunately, there are also about 80,000 motorcycle accidents each year in the United States, and motorcycles don’t handle accidents nearly as well as other vehicles.

Statistically speaking, you’re between twenty and thirty times less likely to survive a motorcycle crash than a car crash.

This means that if you or anyone you know is in a motorcycle accident, they will need a motorcycle accident lawyer. Finding the right lawyer usually means asking the right questions. We’ll discuss some of those questions in this article.


Do They Handle Motorcycle Cases Often?

One of the biggest advantages you can have when it comes to legal cases is experience. Hiring a lawyer who handles motorcycle accident cases often is a great advantage because they understand these cases and how they differ from other legal matters.

Many law firms specialize in motorcycle accident cases or even handle them exclusively. You can find one of these law firms at The JLF firm handles several different types of cases, but motorcycle and car accident cases are their specialty.

How Often do They Go to Trial?

It’s important to note that not all lawyers are trial lawyers, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it has its downsides. Some lawyers, for instance, have developed a reputation for being settlement lawyers rather than trial lawyers.

There’s nothing wrong with coming to a settlement outside of court. In fact, the majority of legal cases never reach court. However, a lawyer with a reputation for settling could cost you, especially if the opposing lawyer is aware of it.

When dealing with a lawyer who specializes in settling, many lawyers will offer smaller settlements because they know their opponent will avoid pursuing it much further. If you’ve had a motorcycle accident and need a certain amount to cover medical bills, this settling might not by your best option.

What’s My Case Worth?

Before deciding what you want out of your case, you’ll need to ask your lawyer how much you can get out of your case. The money you can expect to receive from a successful lawsuit is known as the case’s value.

The value of a case is determined by several factors, such as repair bills for your motorcycle, medical bills for any injuries you sustained, and other factors. A lawyer must also take the specifics of the incident into account because some will warrant a higher payout than others.

An accident that was truly an accident and where nobody’s really at fault is going to be worth a lot less than one where one person was clearly negligent or irresponsible. A motorcycle accident attorney will know how to tell them apart, even if it’s not quite clear.

What to Ask a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you’re wondering what to ask a motorcycle accident lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve discussed a few of these questions in this article, but each case is unique, so questions will come up in your consultation that didn’t here. You can learn more about legal issues and how to handle them by visiting our site. We also have sections dedicated to business, technology, lifestyle topics, and various other topics.

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