5 Mistakes Businesses Make with Their Website


Ariana Smith


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February 26, 2021

Mistakes Businesses Make with Their Website

Every business needs a good website, but it isn’t always easy to strike the right chord with visitors and convert them into customers or collaborators. Businesses are not immune to making some pretty jarring mistakes. Despite the internet being a dominant feature of modern life, most people are not experts at creating pages that proactively help their cause. Here are some common mistakes made by businesses when creating their websites and a few ways you can improve your website design.

They Say Too Much:

It is perfectly understandable that you would want to shout about your business to the entire world. It is, after all, likely your passion. Unfortunately, it is not good practice to shout everything at once. Visitors leave a website after around 15 seconds of browsing time in most cases. This means that the less they have to read, the more they can take in. You really don’t want your visitor to spend those first 15 seconds trying to understand what it is you do. If they can’t understand who you are and what you can offer them, they won’t hesitate to leave.

They Use Too Many Fonts:

A good website is, above all, consistent. One of the ways in which websites often forego any chance of seeming consistent is by using multiple fonts. Fonts genuinely affect how we take in information. The psychology of why certain fonts convey information in different ways is fascinating and complex  – it is to do with cultural conditioning and phenomenological prejudiced experience. All you need to know is this: keep it simple, keep it consistent and keep it legible.

They Don’t Get Help:

Not everybody is a web designer. It can be tempting to just use online CMS and build your own website, but this can be a huge mistake. You don’t have as much freedom if you only use the basic templates on offer. If a business really wants to stand out from the crowd, it will need to be represented by a smart bespoke website. Web design companies like magecloud.agency can help make the process of developing or upgrading a website a great deal easier. Experienced web designers will take your needs into account and run through a portfolio of possible solutions with you before getting to work.

They Don’t Put Their Product Front And Centre:

If your business is selling something, you need to make it extremely clear what it is you are selling. If a potential customer can’t actually figure out what you are trying to get them to buy, then how are they meant to buy it? Don’t fill your website with derivative copy about your team or your journey if it does not lend itself to directly selling your product.

They Don’t Interact With Visitors:

Websites are discursive places. They are a great way of fostering a space where your visitors can interact with your business, learn more, and ultimately spread the word. You’ll need to make sure that your website makes it clear just how much you want to communicate with customers. You could, for instance, add a live chat feature to show your customers that if they have a question, you are here to help.

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