Who Is A Macro Influencer? Everything You Need To Know


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March 29, 2024

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If you have decided to work with macro influencers, then it means you are making a huge decision. On the other hand, macro influencers are also known as nano influencers. They might be on the smaller side, but they have a higher engagement rate. In this case, macro influencers can hit the sweet spot in engagement.

A macro influencer is a famous general figure who becomes prominent through their social media presence. In this way, you can make an income. These social media influencers have become well-known for posting engaging content online. Even though you can partner with several trades for brand deals.

Pursuing your career as a macro influencer interests you, and gaining insight into building social media followers is essential. Even though you can create content which would appeal to the consumers. It works like a micro influencer.

Who Is a Macro Influencer?

Who Is a Macro Influencer?

If you want to know who a macro influencer is, you must refer to the definition of the macro influencer. Below, I am going to discuss who a macro influencer is.

A Macro influencer is famous and getting popular as soon as Instagram influencers, with almost 100k followers.

However, macro-influencers have a higher engagement rate with an extensive range of likes and comments. They might have several sponsored posts on their feeds.

Many celebrities, singers, and other public figures are also considered macro influencers. They can even produce an extensive range of content and have a large audience of people who trust them.   

What Are the Three Types of Macro Influencers on the Social Media Platform Instagram?

What Are the Three Types of Macro Influencers on the Social Media Platform Instagram?

Believe it or not, Instagram fame is not that exclusive to athletes and other celebrities. However, they are categorized into four types of macro influencers. Below, I will discuss the three types of macro influencers on the social media platform like Instagram.    

1) Celebrity and Public Figure Macro Influencers

Celebrity macro influencers are famous outside of Instagram. In this case, you must consider movie stars, high-ranking politicians, and celebrity designers. No. Whether they have IG or not, there is an excellent chance to know who they are:

Best brand fit for traders who require such as:

  • Household names
  • Brand “mascots”
  • Celebrity Endorsements

2) Self-Made Macro Influencers

Macro influencers are also known as solopreneurs. This type of group is well known for building personal brands and leveraging the heck out of this. Not only that, but they are also ultra-popular on IG. But this usually ends there unless they are lucky, clever, or both.

The best brand fit for marketers who require such as:

  • The ultra-creative content.
  • An Instagram expert at the strategic roundtable.
  • Campaign Inspiration.

3) Niche Accounts

Every Instagram account belongs to every individual. Some followed such profiles for sports teams, brands, and other new stations.

The best brand fit for marketers who require:

  • Organizational Partnerships.
  • Sports team affiliation.
  • Event Sponsorships.

What Significant Things Should a Brand Know Before Working with A Macro Influencer?

What Significant Things Should A Brand Know Before Working With A Macro Influencer?

Although this is the time for the tough stuff. In case your brand wants to get into macro influencer marketing, then there are some things that you must know. Below, I will discuss the significant things a brand should know before working with a macro influencer.

1) Credibility vs. Celebrity

Only some people’s macro influencer accounts are credible. Even if they are famous figures. In this case, no one has a perfect past. In this case, do your research before you collaborate. This might save you a PR nightmare down the line.

2) Find Engagement Rate Sweet Spots

Nano and micro-influencers have the highest engagement rates. Engagement rates will go down. Of course, there are several advantages to working with macro influencers. But the engagement rate wouldn’t be the only one.

3) Be Prepared To Shell Out Cash

Macro influencers have more fame and followers. Therefore, everyone should know that a macro partnership comes with severe costs. Macro influencers tend to be partners with multiple influencer marketing agencies, managers, or assistants. In case you are going to pay such fees.

4) Authority Is Not The Same As Fame

Macro influencers are not always celebrities. Here are the things how to measure authority to find the best-fit influencers such as:

  • Always try to measure the number of active and confirmed followers.   
  • Ensure you have calculated easily the engagement rate.
  • It would help if you were determined about the depth of niche coverage.
  • Always analyze the quality of the content through which you are going to perform.

What Are The Challenges You Must Face While You Are Working With Macro Influencers?

What Are The Challenges You Must Face While You Are Working With Macro Influencers?

There are several challenges you might face while you are working with any macro influencer. Below, I am going to discuss the challenges that you must face while you are working with macro influencers.

1) Credibility

Ensure you are evaluating the influencers’ audience before starting any collaboration. In this case, you must monitor their previous collaborations with other brands and, if possible, try to get feedback from those significant brands.

2) Engagement Rate

The engagement rate is among the most significant factors when choosing an influencer. In this case, influencers with over 800K followers might have lower engagement rates. Above all, there would be no communication with their extensive audiences.

3) Cost

Macro influencers are the most famous and have many things to offer. In this case, they might also be signed to the influencer agency, which would cause high fees, especially for the partnership.

What Are the Differences Between Micro and Macro Influencers?

What Are The Differences Between Micro And Macro Influencers

Each influencer has its distinct characteristics. In this case, macro and micro-influencers have some significant benefits. Below, I will discuss the differences between micro and macro influencers.

  • Micro-influencers are an excellent choice for gaining credibility. Conversely, macro influencers will help you enhance the brand visibility, and in this way, you can quickly build up your reputation.
  • Another notable difference is that you can ask micro-influencers to collaborate with small businesses. On the other hand, you would never see any unrelated posts on the feed of macro influencers.

Let’s Talk About the Requirements to Become a Macro-influencer:

Let's Talk About the Requirements to Become a Macro-influencer

If you want to become a macro-influencer, you must know some requirements to become a macro-influencer. Below, I will discuss the multiple requirements for becoming a macro-influencer.   

1) Education

However, formal education is optional for becoming an influencer. You can gain a deeper understanding of marketing, communications, and business

For example, you can learn how to operate graphic design and other video editing software. Through this, you can create and design content for your multiple digital marketing channels.

In this case, a social media business management course can help you use multiple analytical tools. You can monitor your online engagement and publish content at the exact strategic time these times.

2) Skillsets  

Here is the list of skill sets that a macro influencer might use in their profession such as:  


Macro-influencers frequently communicate with several other representatives of such brands with whom they collaborate. In this case, they must negotiate contracts and report to succeed in different marketing campaigns.

You can engage with online audiences and commit to their public brands here. Macro-influencers also use a conversational tone when responding to followers’ comments, which will make their public appearances. 

Social Media

With expertise and a huge list of skill sets in other social media platforms, macro-influencers understand what, when, and how to publish content. In this way, you can maximize consumers’ encouragement and engagement rate to join their followers.

Professionals must understand social media analytics to determine their content’s performance, including the posts they post to leverage products from their followers.


Macro influencers using SEO (search engine optimization) will make this easier for consumers. In this case, you can find their posts and enhance the effectiveness of brand campaigns. They might include strategic keywords in the headlines of such titles and blog posts of their videos.

In Conclusion

I have discussed everything about a macro influencer above in this article. Recently, micro and macro influencers have been social media content creators who usually collaborate with brands to promote products. There are some critical differences between them.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have queries, please comment below!

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