How Long Does A Juul Pod Last Compared To Cigarettes?


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July 5, 2021

How long does a Juul pod last compared to cigarettes

Are you fond of electronic cigarettes? Nicotine-based liquid solution but more like the weeds. When you are shifting into Juul-like electronic cigarettes, the best part is it causes less harm to your body. But Juul is an e-cigarette that contains liquid nicotine in the pod. And when you smoke the Juul, the cigarettes heat up the nicotine-based liquid and produce vapor. Like other pods, after every smoke, the nicotine solution is going to reduce in amount. So how long does a Juul pod last?

The nicotine pods are entirely disposable and refillable. Different pods have various lifetimes. Most of the pods have at least hold up to 0.6 ml to 0.7 ml liquid. The battery capacity of Juel electronic cigarettes 200mAh.The battery life and the life of the pod is depending upon your usages. You can increase both by correcting your inhaling style.

How Long Does A Juul Last?

Most of the Juul smokers are asking about how long does a Juul pod last? One entire pod can last up to 200 puffs. When are you asking about ‘how long does a Juul pod last? Hence the correct answer is how much time you are going to take to finish the 200 puffs. Many smokers are taking ten days to finish the pod; the frequent users are only taking one day to finish the nicotine-based pod.

So the correct answer for ‘how long does a Juul pod last?’ is nothing but how much time you will take to finish those 200 puffs. The minimum power output ensures that the liquid will not vaporize so quickly. The electronic cigarette power is also enough to last for the entire day.

Do Juul Pods Expire?

After the ‘how long does a Juul pod last’ question, the next more frequent question that comes from the users is regarding the pod’s expiration date. The pod does not have any fixed written expiration date. And the minimum battery usages are also making the pod long-lasting. The liquid will not vaporize within a day or a limited time span.

If you are going to keep the pod for a long time in an unattended state. You may face slight dull flavours. Usually, the pods last up to one year. After one year, the liquid will not vaporize, but the liquid nicotine loses its flavour. So better, when you are purchasing a new one, use the pod within a year.

Many nicotine smokers are questioning how many pods of Juul are common among the users. Most of the cigarette smokers are doing 8 to 9 puffs of cigarettes. And when you are a Juul smoker. You will need only 5 to 6 puffs for the same amount of nicotine addiction. So when you are finishing the 1 Juul pod a day, you are heavily addicted to nicotine. Ten days to 15 days span is standard for the non-addictive nicotine smoker.

How Many Times Can You Refill Juul Pods?

Now you know the correct answer about ‘how long does a Juul pod last?’. But do you know you can refill the pod after it finishes? When do you know how big a Juul pod is? You can simply calculate the time after you are going to need the refilling of the pods.

Many smokers like to refill the pods, but the pods are not designed to refill, so when you are refilling them, the pod’s designs are going to break, and it’s more like a force refilling. Assembling the mouthpiece and the stoppers are becoming challenging after refilling the pod. Sometimes the smokers refill the pod, but as they can not assemble it as the previous, the liquid evaporates on its own. And this is going to cause dry hits.

When you remove the plastic mouthpiece and the stopper, you will see the small hole of the nicotine-based liquid. Now you can simply fill up the small gap with the nicotine-based liquid. You will know the right time when a Juul pod is empty. Always do check the nicotine tanks after you hit one dry. And after you are refilling it, checking is compulsory. Because most beginner smokers can not assemble the mouthpiece and the stopper, and this is causing dry hits and evaporation.

The Juul Lifespan

The life span of Juel and the answer for ‘how long does a Juul pod last’ depend upon how frequently you are smoking. If you are quite a nicotine-addictive person. You will only take one day to finish the pod. Hence when you are pretty comfortable and a startup smoker, you will need 20 to 30 days to finish off the pod. But usually, moderate smokers are taking 10 to 15 days to finish off the pod.

The life span of the pod depends upon your smoke frequency. As the pod’s structure is not refillable, the company offers the whole pods, not the refillable amounts. The Juul life span depends upon how frequently you are smoking.

The Juuls pods are not available in different types of flavors. Only tobacco and menthol flavors are the most common types of pods. This is also another reason for the refilling. When you want to improve the taste and the flavours of the nicotine-based liquid, refilling is the only way to enhance that taste and explore the different nicotine flavours.

Wrapping It Up

Now you know, ‘how long does a Juul pod last?’Your device battery backups are staying for the whole day. Once-in-day charging is enough for moderate smokers, just like other devices like a cellphone or a laptop. The more you are using the device you will need more powers. Once in the day, charging is enough, and two days with a single charge is enough for the startups. If you want to improve your pod’s life span, you have to minimize the smoke durations in a day.

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