LEGO Has Officially Announced Its Next Ideas Set ‘The Insect Collection(21342)’  


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August 16, 2023

The Insect Collection (21342)

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    LEGO has announced their new Ideas set called The Incest Collection (21342), which will be available in store soon. The set will be released for VIPs and Insiders on 4th September this year. This Ideas set will consist of 1,111 pieces priced at 79.99 dollars.

    The Incest Collection will feature insects like the Blue Morpho butterfly, Hercules beetle, Honeybee, Chinese Mantis, and the seven-spotted ladybug. These insects will come with their respective stands. This set will include a Green Noise playlist that individuals can listen to while building the LEGO set.

    Jose Maria, a LEGO fan from Spain, originally conceived the LEGO Group’s The Insect Collection. The LEGO Group launched this nature-inspired playlist to celebrate the new Ideas set. This Green Noise playlist is a nature-inspired playlist with ASMR sounds of different insects replacing the LEGO clicks and sounds.

    In collaboration with LEGO Group, this Green Noise playlist was created by Sanaa Kelly, an Emmy-nominated and award-winning Foley artist. Kelley, an expert in creating sound effects with everyday items, was able to recreate the unique sounds of insects using the LEGO brick.

    This helped showcase the beauty of different insects around the world. This LEGO Ideas new Green Noise playlist was inspired by the three insects within the new set. These three insects are the Chinese Mantis, the Hercules Beetle, and the Blue Morpho Butterfly.

    The playlist consists of tracks that are each 45 minutes long. All the tracks are created entirely from LEGO bricks’ flutters, snaps, and clicks, along with several Foley techniques. The LEGO Play Well report of 2022 revealed that 58% of adults are relaxing for less than an hour.

    The playlist was designed to help listeners find a little peace in their hectic lives while building a new set. These audios are the perfect accompaniment for building this LEGO set.

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