The Dating History Of Kanye West: All the Love He Ever Made!


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December 19, 2023

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Kanye West had been in a relationship more than once before he tied the knot with Kim Kardashian in 2014. Now he is ready again for another one. On the other hand, Kanye West’s relationships are as iconic as his music.

His dating journey first started with his high school darling, Sumeke Rainey. He dated her until his debut film ‘The College Dropout.” When he became a famous rapper and producer to earn the seat of hip-hop royalty, West and model Rose became a powerful couple.

Above all, the most famous and leading lady was Kim Kardashian, whom the Chicago-born artist believed was destined. Although, after Kardashian, Kanye West made headlines for women with whom Kenye started a romance.

Who Is Kanye West?

Who Is Kanye West?
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You might have heard a lot of information about Kanye West. But did you know about the dating history of Kanye West. Below I am going to discuss who Kanye West is.

Kanye West, now 45, is also one of the biggest musicians. He has superb creative power in both emotionally moving and intellectually developed.

Not only that, but his rhythmic lyrics make him stand out across the entire music industry. But several honors and awards prove to everyone that he is one of the greatest artists globally.

Kanye is mainly the greatest Western musician through his passionate lyrics and layered beats, influenced by genres. People also called him an ‘influential artist’ because of his popular albums such as “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” “Watch The Throne,” and so on.

The Dating History Of Kanye West

The Dating History Of Kanye West
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Even after seven years of marriage with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is a single man. This pair was divorced in its final stage. Kanye West, a father of four, has also spent time with actresses, models, and many more. Below, I am going to discuss the dating history of Kanye West.

1) Sumeke Rainey   

Sumeke Rainey   
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Sumeke Rainey is Kanye’s high school sweetheart. When Sumeke and West’s relationship was in public eyes, he referenced her on a music track called “Never Let Me Down” from 2004, a debut album.

Kanye West expressed his feelings about his girlfriend Sumeke in that rap song. After all, Sumeke and West never came to fruition. This pair ended when Rose started her relationship with Kanye West.

2) Alexis Phifer

Alexis Phifer
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Kanye West, also known as the “Gold Digger” artist, started his dating journey with Alexis in 2002. After that, it ended in 2008. This pair ended their relationship when West’s career split off in 2004.

Later, they reunited again in the following year. In 2006, August West popped the question. Their engagement eventually came to an end just 18 months following the unexpected death of the mother of Kanye, whose name was Donda.

3) Brooke Crittendon

Brooke Crittendon
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After a brief split with Phifer, Kanye started dating former MTV employee Brooke Crittendon. She attended the Grammy Awards with Brooke in 2006 with his mother.

Later, Crittendon spoke about the pressure that West put on her. Even Kanye’s ex-girlfriend Brooke uttered that she had to live in the shadow of Kanye. She is much bigger than that.

She even added that their relationship ended in good words. Critten told the press she wished him the best, and Kanye also wished her the best. She also said that she was concerned about the same as well.

4) Amber Rose

Amber Rose
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After ending the relationship with Brooke Kany, he started his relationship with Amber Rose. This was from 2008 to 2010. Although their breakup immediately turned messy, and a decade later, this model alleged that Kanye bullied her for years after their split. After that, West responded with a few words regarding Rregardinge’s Claims.

Rose said in an interview in 2017 that the only thing she received from Kanye was fame. She further added that she had to take the heartbreak on top of this.

Amber Rose told the media that she was famous and broke. Also, she won’t date anyone anymore. Not only that, but even if she were supposed to kill herself, then she would probably do this during that time.

5) Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
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West started dating the reality star Kim Kardashian in 2012 in April. Kardashian’s divorce happened in June 2013, and West began his engagement with another one four months later. Kim and West tied the knot in Italy in May 2014. At that time, they shared four kids.

After their six years together, the couple sparked speculation of the split just after a “Big fight” in December 2020. A Source told US Exclusive that Kanye doesn’t have any focus on Kim and they don’t want to live in the real world.

They confirmed their divorce file in February 2021. They even publicly uttered words that led them to split in JuneJune. In 2022, a judge granted the Kardashian’s request to split their relationship legally.

6) Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk
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After several months, Kardashian filed for divorce; people confirmed they had seen Kanye with a model named Irina Shayk. This couple has a daughter. They visited France together, where West celebrated his 44th birthday bash. Based on the information from PEOPLE magazine, Irina seems smitten.

Kanye invited Irina to France. After that, she accepted happily. However, they are dating each other officially. But there is an interest from both sides. In August 2021, a source confirmed that Irian and Kanye West’s relationship split.

7) Julia Fox

Julia Fox
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After getting divorced from Irina, West met with actress Julia Fox on New Year’s Eve 2021. This pair began their whirlwind romance. By 2022, Valentine’s Day, this couple had split. An actress from Uncut Gems confirmed that Julia and Kanye remain good friends but no longer collaborate.

8) Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones
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West started dating a model named Chaney Jones. After dating for five months, this couple reportedly split in June 2022 after taking a trip to Japan together. By 2022, Jones first linked with West when they were photographed together in Miami’s Bal Harbour.

On Instagram, Chaney and Kanye West seemingly confirmed their romance. One month later, they received multiple comments on photos with a black heart emoji. She even congratulated him on winning his latest Grammy Award in April 2022.

9) Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori
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West began dating Australian entrepreneur and architect Bianca Censori, who has also been an architectural designer. Their first love started in December 2022. After that, they seemingly created a song named “Censori Overload.”

Censori and West were spotted together at Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills. TMZ reported that this couple wed secretly in a “private ceremony.”

They were also photographed wearing gorgeous rings on their wedding day before their dining date. However, legitimacy still needs to be determined. On the other hand, this couple hasn’t filed any official marriage certificates.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the dating history of Kanye West above in this article. He, after all, had a few runs with several paparazzi. Kanye West has many relationship records, so multiple controversies have arisen for West. He also has a solidified deal with Adidas. His new deal will allow about $500 million in sales of Yeezy products to continue.

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