Almost all of us sometimes use belts to hold out pants or bottoms, but we do not yet know their usage. However, we are in the modern fashion era, and that belt is a part of fashion.

On the other hand, there are various ways to decide which belt you want to wear and how you want to wear it. Depending on different outfits, you can choose different types of belts and also can choose the particular style for your specific outfit.

The way of deciding your outfit is the way of showing your attitude, and thus the belt has a prominent involvement in the modern fashion world.

Among various belts, most of us like to wear leather belts and thus are very famous. But before you wear a leather belt, you should buy it from a proper place to determine the quality of leather. For your knowledge, you can take help from Leather Weight Guide to understand the quality of your belt.


Types Of Belt

People love to wear belts and style them according to their occasion and outfit. There are various belts available in the market, and we will state a few popular among them to let you know the types.

  1. Formal belts: It is generally worn in formal dresses and suits. Usually, pleated fabric belts are used as formal belts.
  1. Leather belts: Leather belts are usually made of cowhides which come in either black or brown color. This is the most common type of belt that we want to wear.
  1. Chain belts: This is a new sense of fashion that includes metal to add chain style to your belt.
  1. Braided belts: This type of belt is also made with pieces of leather and braided together to create a plaited material which can hold your bottom wear. Before you buy this type of belt, make sure you understand the leather thickness chart.
  1. Skinny belts: To ensure a person’s shape, these leather-included belts are used to hold your high weight tightly.

How To Wear Your Belt?

Wearing a belt is not at all a challenging task to do. You can wear a belt even with closed eyes as you have practiced it so many times.

But before wearing a belt, you need to ensure that you are buying the right size for yourself. Once you get a perfect size for you, start wearing it by pulling your pants up to your desired waist height.

Now it is time to wrap your belt into belt loops and then put the tongue of your belt through your preferred buckle and see you are ‘belt ready.’

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How To Style Your Belt?

While many people have the old, odd, boring way of wearing belts in the same way, you can change the wind with your unique fashion sense. Most people wear belts because they think it is necessary, but you can try out different ways to combine the necessity with fashion and style.

  • You can wear a belt over your long blazer. In this way, you really can create a silhouette over your black blazer by wearing a bright belt.
  • You can also style your outfit by matching the colors of your belt. While you are going for an outing in daylight, you might want to wear flesh-colored clothes and a belt that matches your dress.
  • You have always used your loops, but can you imagine how you would look wearing a belt without those loops? Well, it is your choice, but you must try this style to make your fashion quick and unique.
  • Your belt width should fit your belt loops. You will not like it if your belt is too thick or too thin to make your belt loop. This is why you should learn about the leather thickness chart to understand which is properly fit for you and your belt loops.
  • You can think of various seasons and try different materials for your belt to create a unique style. For instance, if you use leather belts in winter and cloth belts in summer, it might add to your style.

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To Conclude

After reading the whole discussion about belts, you will find leather as an essential and integral part of a belt. This is why we all should know about the basics of leather, like its thickness, weight, width, et cetera. Try to cover the leather thickness chart to understand its weight and buy a suitable belt for you today.

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