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February 3, 2021


The solutions to the questions in the academic curriculum perform a vital role in a student’s life. Students nowadays have easy access to all sorts of information, ideas, questions and answers. One can find everything on the internet. Sometimes finding the perfect and precise solution to the questions is difficult.

A Student’s ability is measured on the way he answers to different sets of questions and also his presentation of answers plays a vital role in scoring grades in examinations.

Especially students facing upcoming board exams must keep a track on their study techniques and syllabus. Focusing on solutions, questions, equations, diagrams and formulas is the prime way to study. 

Capable of Answering All Varieties of Questions

In examination, single sort of questions are not asked.  One can find all kinds of questions in Lakhmir Singh Solutions. The questions mentioned are in variant varieties like multiple choice questions, match the following, name the following questions, fill in the blanks, very short answers, short answer type questions, long answer type questions and also questions based on diagrams.

The students will learn how to exhibit the answer in the examination and will also come to know about the relevant points that must be included in the answers. 

The level of confidence is raised and students will have the urge to learn more. 

Various Subjects

The solutions are available in various subjects of different grades. Lakhmir Singh physics class 10, chemistry and biology Class 10, is like a  full examination package for students. One can find answers to every question prescribed by the academic curriculum.

The solutions are given with well-structured point wise structured answers, diagrammatic explanations and equations. The students get a lot of examples relating to their real-life applications. Many numerical and diagrams related to the lessons are explained. The formulas and related equations and laws are tabulated after every chapter for easy reviewing. 

Concept-Based Questions

Questions on each and every concept are mentioned. Questions are linked to every concept of the syllabus. The questions discussed go hand in hand with the concepts. The formulas, equations related to other science-related subjects are explained in depth.

The student will feel satisfied about going through these questions and answers on each specific theory. The examples, ideas and concepts the student carries must be in accordance with today’s ongoing drift. Students can easily infer the notion and build their own ideas and shape new innovations.

The learning must be plain so that the primary concepts must be embedded in the minds of the students. 

Revision for Examination

The student can go through all the questions and answers linked to every single issue he has in just a couple of days before the exam. The students get updated in all the topics and theories. By regularly practicing various kinds of questions, the student will understand the concepts effortlessly.

The student will be capable of answering every tricky question appearing in the examinations. One gets complete subject familiarity and attains capability to answer every single question. Studying in this fashion builds the confidence of the students.

The state of the mind gets refreshed and the zest to learn more comes up in the minds of the students. The healthy competing spirit fulfills the student skilled and confident to face the test.

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