A defense attorney plays the role of a guide, confidant, and protector of the defendant within the complex criminal justice system. When it comes to defense attorneys there are two types of criminal defense attorneys.

  • Private attorney, paid by the defendant.
  • Court-appointed attorney, paid by the government.

Whereas some criminal defendants have the capability of hiring a private criminal defense attorney, there are some defendants who can not afford to pay a criminal defense attorney.

Studies have shown that around 80% of all criminal defendants can not afford a criminal defense lawyer. It is always advised to contact a criminal defense attorney in Gainesville, Georgia, because they will always make sure that they are giving you back the amount you are paying them.

In case some particular qualifications are met, the court might appoint counsel in order to represent the defendant. All these court-appointed attorneys are of two types.

  • Panel attorneys are the local attorneys who are chosen from a panel.
  • Public defendants who are on a government salary.

Here, we should mention that around 2% of the criminal defendants represent themselves and are also referred to as “proper” or “pro se” defendants.

The Role Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

The best Criminal Defense Attorney in Gainesville GA will always research the facts and will also investigate the case that is running against their clients. They will also work to negotiate deals with their prosecutors or adversaries.

All these types of deals might involve reduced charges, reduced bail, and reduced sentences. Due to several factors, such as public and political pressure, overloaded court calendars, and overcrowded jails, this specific type of deal-making has become important and also has become a crucial element in unclogging the entire criminal justice system.

Criminal justice attorneys are also responsible for examining witnesses, analyzing the case of the prosecutor, helping formulate a plea, questioning witnesses, reviewing search and seizure procedures, assessing the potential sentences, and gathering evidence.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Here, the defense counsel is also capable of advising on potential immigration consequences or any other types of consequences of a conviction, plea, or criminal record.

Defense counsel also offers more personal services, and that too by providing the defendant a reality check as to all those possible outcomes, along with helping the defendant in order to deal with the fears and frustration resulting from being thrown into the criminal justice system.

In case no plea deal could be made, the Criminal Defense Attorney Gainesville GA, represents the defendant at the trial.

The Approximate Cost Of Legal Representation

When it comes to legal representation, the financial status of the defendant is indeed a huge factor. It is all about whether the defendant can afford private counsel or they need to be provided a public prosecutor.

You might also find a great Criminal Defense Attorney in Gainesville GA, who will consider a part of their fees.

Usually, a private criminal defense lawyer charges on an hourly basis or by a fixed or set fee. Here, you must know that private attorneys are prohibited from taking contingency charges. These are typically the payments that depend on the outcome of the particular case.

Legal Representation

In case the defendant is indigent and can not afford private counsel, the court may appoint a public or government-paid or panel attorney.

Although some people have enough financial stability to afford a private criminal defense attorney, arranging for legal representation is not that straightforward. Here, you should go for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Gainesville GA.

Usually, when the defendant faces a prison sentence or jail, the government provides public or government-paid counsel for the defendant.

Final Words

We believe after going through this article, you might have got an insight into criminal defense attorneys. In case you have more queries, you can always contact us; we will be more than happy to assist you in your legal journey.


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