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November 24, 2021

IndusInd Bank Online Savings Account

Even simple transactions like withdrawing money from an ATM, depositing a cheque, or transferring funds can become time-consuming if you have to stand in a long queue at the bank. But what if there was a way to perform monetary transactions instantly, from the comfort of your home?

By opting for an IndusInd Bank online savings account, you can open a savings deposit online and enjoy stress-free online transactions without stepping out of your house.

Moreover, the online savings account offers additional perks like a personalized debit card, fingerprint banking, and mobile banking services that make it more than just a safe haven for your funds. Now, let’s take a look at some more features offered by this bank account.

Features of IndusInd Bank Online Savings Account

Features of IndusInd Bank Online Savings Account

1. Attractive Interest Rates

IndusInd Bank’s online savings account offers attractive interest rates on your cash deposits, helping your deposits grow faster over time.

2. Instant Account Opening

The days of extensive procedures and documentation to open an account are long gone. You can open an online savings account with IndusInd Bank in a few minutes using only your Aadhaar and PAN Card details.

3. Convenient Zero Balance Option

When you open an online savings deposit with IndusInd Bank, you have the option of setting up a zero balance account or regular savings account with a minimum balance. Opting for a zero-balance account means you don’t have to worry about maintaining a minimum balance in your account at all times.

Furthermore, if you ever want to upgrade to a higher savings account, you can do it after completing the face-to-face KYC verification. With an upgrade, you get access to higher account balance limits, the option to raise your transaction limits, and more. Also, you must complete this procedure within one year of opening the account.

4. Online Transaction Benefits

Online transactions are not always free, as some banks can levy additional charges. But with IndusInd Bank, you don’t have to worry about paying for IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS transactions. Additionally, you can link your UPI credentials as well to make bill payments and other transactions even more effortless.

5. WhatsApp Banking Services

Another significant feature offered by IndusInd Bank’s online savings account is WhatsApp banking. It allows you to resolve any doubts or confusion related to your savings account and receive transaction alerts on WhatsApp.

6. Additional Perks

Get access to Indus Mobile’s All-In-One store by opening an online savings account and enjoy discounts on food, cabs, and bills. Further, after going through the face-to-face KYC process, you can even start your investment journey and open a Fixed Deposit (FD) or a Recurring Deposit (RD) using your savings account. This way, you can earn higher returns on your funds and save money for future goals effectively.

Final Thoughts

An online savings account makes transactions fuss-free by eliminating the need to visit the bank branch frequently. Additionally, you get to enjoy benefits like offers, special services, etc., while also allowing your funds to grow simultaneously. So, why overthink it? Open a savings account with IndusInd Bank and say goodbye to all your banking woes.

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