Elon Musk’s Rocket to Carry US Space Force ‘Spy’ Plane X-37B into Space 


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December 12, 2023

Elon Musk's Rocket to Carry US Space Force 'Spy' Plane X-37B into Space

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    The pilot-less Falcon rocket from Elon Musk’s SpaceX is all set to carry the X-37B. It can fly in orbit for several hundred days at a time. The collaboration is being seen as an ambitious venture which will carry civilian and military experiments on board. It is expected to be X-37B’s longest journey.  

    The United States Space Force and Elon Musk’s SpaceX will be collaborating to launch a “spy” spaceplane on Monday evening for a very classified mission.

    The SpaceX Falcon Rocket will be set for the mission acting as a facilitator to carry secretarial cargo. The rocket will be deployed for the mission around 8:14 p.m. ET on Monday. The spaceplane will takeoff from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Caveral, Florida.

    The US Space Force will be launching the covert X-37B spaceplane. Significantly, the X-37B is on its seventh endeavor into space. It started off in 2010. According to Business Insider, the payload for the top secret spaceplane is classified too.

    It will launch vertically gliding on rockets but get back to land on a runway. The US military is probably using them for espionage as rumors have it, keeping the lengthy missions shrouded in secrecy. It is largely believed that the US military establishment is using these missions for spying. The Space Force has suggested that as part of the mission the flight could be longer and it could reach greater heights. They have also informed that a previous mission carried out using a similar spaceplane lasted 908 days.

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