What Are The Different Types Of Options?


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December 9, 2021


Options are financial instruments that anyone can use in many different ways, depending on the investor’s needs. Many people invest in options without knowing that they are doing so because they own stock or other investments that include an option in their contract. The most common type of option is called a “call.” It gives the owner the right to buy an asset at a specific price, also known as the strike price.

Traders can trade these calls in order to exchange like stocks, but there are three basic types of options: calls, puts, and spreads.

Call options

Calls allow owners to buy assets from sellers for a set price over time. The contracts have expiration dates after which they are invalid regardless of anything like if anyone has executed them. If the price rises above the agreed-upon strike price, the option is exercised, and the trader buys at market price. If not, the other party keeps the fee for selling invalid options.

Put options

Puts are similar because they give owners of put options the right to sell assets to buyers over time for a set strike price. The only difference is that puts give traders this right because they are worried. Actually the prices will drop below that level during that period. Clients who buy these contracts are willing to pay more than those who sell them because it eliminates their risk if the market drops over time.

Spread options

Spread options are different because both sides post collateral instead of one side. In this case it happens because if one can obligate to buy or sell assets within a specific timeframe. This type of contract requires two legs – an “upper” leg and a “lower” leg. The buyer must pay the seller a fee to enter into this contract, and both sides post collateral or cash set aside to cover potential losses.

Both legs should benefit from the underlying asset’s price movement, but one side can lose more than the other if there is a significant change in value.

Spreads are essential because they allow traders who aren’t interested in directional bets and don’t want to spend time buying and selling assets. Choosing spreads over other options allows dealers to control risk and capital efficiently while limiting their exposure. These complex financial instruments enable fast-growing hedge funds to massively increase profits using leverage derived from credit extended by banks, which complements their large teams of researchers and analysts.

Advantages of options

Calls, puts, and spreads all have a significant advantage over other types of options because one can use these as tools. Now you might have question why this is so? because in order to reduce risk on existing investments.

The first step is simply holding onto an investment until it expires. But this often leads to missing out on the chance of a significant price increase. Many traders prefer writing covered calls, giving them the right to sell stock that they already own at a higher strike price. This occurs if these prices rise during the contract term.

Another way to use options for protection is by buying put contracts on stocks you already own or want to buy. This strategy gives investors insurance against a market crash without forcing them to hold on to volatile assets. Or cash in their significant gains.

Spreads also offer investors a way to limit their potential losses or increase their gains. The lower leg protects against decreases in prices, and the upper leg gives clients the right to buy at market rates if prices rise. Users can profit from these strategies by holding on to both sides of a spread until they expire. But there are some risks because it’s not sure whether or not they will benefit from price changes.


Now that you know what makes each type of options trading unique, you should decide which is the best fit for your trading or investing strategy. Contact a reputable online broker from Saxo Bank today and try one of their demo accounts for more information about these tools and how they work with clients’ individual goals.

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