How Can You Create The Best Morning Routine?




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October 8, 2022

Morning Routine

A recent poll found that more than 9 in 10 highly successful CEOs and entrepreneurs wake up no later than 7 AM. That’s early but not the earliest; 37% wake up at 6, 27% at 5, and 5% at 4.

One reason, they say, is that waking up early in the morning lets them focus on the day ahead.

So, why not take a page out of their book and see if a morning routine works for you too?

We’ll help you get a head start, so keep reading for the top tips to help you make the most of your mornings.

Here Are The Best Three Tips To Help You Create The Best Morning Routine:

1. Get Enough ZZZs

Sleep quality affects

Sleep quality affects your cognition, mood, and performance the next day. These are all critical for your morning activities and your entire day’s tasks. But, most importantly, they play a role in your safety, such as when driving.

For instance, experts say 20% of motor vehicle collisions are due to driver fatigue. Fatigue, in turn, can result from a lack of sleep.

So, to start the day right, ensure you end the previous day right, too. Sleep for seven to nine hours, and stop using gadgets at least one hour before bedtime.

2. Map Out A Morning Plan

Map Out A Morning Plan

If you have things to do in the morning that change based on the day of the week, write them down.

For instance, suppose you wear formal outfits to work every other day of the week and casual in between. Let’s also say your garbage collection days are Tuesdays and Saturdays. Perhaps you bring some work home to do in the morning too.

You can then make notes about those tasks the night before, so they’d be ready the following morning. Also, post them somewhere conspicuous, such as the fridge door or a bathroom mirror.

Come morning; you can look at your reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything. That can help you worry less, making your morning routine less stressful.

3. Have A Cup Of Joe (Or Tea)

Drinking Tea

A cuppa Joe is a brain stimulant because of its caffeine content. It’s also the substance that makes people more alert after drinking coffee (or tea, if that’s what you fancy).

Interestingly, the benefits of coffee extend to its aroma. According to researchers, its smell can enhance memory and promote alertness.

However, having too much caffeine can also make you feel ill and nauseous. This heavier consumption often results from not having enough sleep the night before.

That said, one of the best things to do when you wake up is to have a healthy coffee or tea intake. For most folks, three to five cups or no more than 400 mg of caffeine is safe.

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Start Your Healthy Morning Routine ASAP

And there you have it, your guide on creating a morning routine to start the day right. Now you know it begins with getting enough ZZZs and making preparations the night before. Then, once you wake up, you can sip a cup of Joe or tea to get your blood flowing without rushing or stressing out.

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