What Are Controlled Substances? Are They Illegal?




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October 29, 2022

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances account for nearly 87% of all drug-related violations. Nevertheless, drug crimes occur often, and the law takes them seriously because drugs are harmful.

However, you might ask, “what are controlled substances?” Learning about this can help you understand the drug problem in this country, and it might also help you know how to help a loved one struggling with drug addiction.

Here is a guide to help you understand controlled substances, including what they are, if they’re legal, and the consequences of drug charges.

What Are Controlled Substances?

prescription drugs

Controlled substances are prescription drugs primarily. These are medications that people need prescriptions to acquire from a pharmacy or another legal source.

The government controls prescription medications and requires a legal avenue for people to acquire them. The reason is because of the harm they cause if people misuse them.

For example, most controlled substances are addictive. If a person begins taking them, they can become dependent upon them. One problem this leads to is medication misuse.

The main categories of drugs that fall into this category are stimulants, opioids, depressants, and hallucinogens.

You can read about controlled substances to learn more about the government’s various classifications with these.

Are Controlled Substances Illegal?

When a doctor prescribes one of these medications to you, you can legally carry it around without fear of the police arresting you for drug possession.

However, you can also be charged with illegal possession of controlled substances. So what’s the difference between a controlled substance vs. illegal substance?

The primary difference is the prescription. Suppose a doctor didn’t prescribe the medication to you. In that case, you can encounter drug charges for carrying it if the police catch you.

For example, suppose the police pull you over and search your car; they can charge you with a controlled substance drug charge if they find medication in your vehicle that wasn’t prescribed to you.

However, you can easily fight the charges if you have proof that your doctor prescribed it.

What Are The Consequences of Drug Charges?

Drug Charges

Being charged with any drug charge might result in serious consequences. However, the consequences you receive depend on several things.

First, what’s on your criminal record? Do you have other drug charges, or is your record clean? Prior drug charges will worsen your consequences if you get another charge.

Secondly, how much medication did you have? If you only have a few pills, the police might charge you with a drug possession charge. However, they can charge you with drug distribution if you have a lot of pills with you.

Hiring a drug possession lawyer is always a good idea when charged with any drug crime.

Learn More About Controlled Substances

So, what are controlled substances?

After reading this article, you should have a good grasp of what they are. As you can see, they’re harmful and dangerous to those who misuse them. As a result, drug charges have strict consequences.

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