Complexion Types 101: How To Identify Your Skin Type And Choose The Right Products


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February 22, 2024

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Did you know that every type of skin reacts differently to every ingredient? A large range of commercial skincare products is made for the total population, which might be better for your Skin. There are multiple complexion types that are highly essential for your skincare.

Skincare doesn’t look good, but this is also about feeling good about your skin type. Did you know there is a comprehensive guide that will help you choose the one for your skin type?

Knowing your skin colors, such as fair Skin or dark Skin, will help you choose the skincare regimen. Not only that, but this also allows you to achieve healthy Skin. After a long research, I will discuss identifying skin types and choosing the right products.

How To Identify Your Skin Type?

How To Identify Your Skin Type?

Did you know that every type of Skin reacts to every ingredient separately? Below, I am going to discuss how to identify your skin type.

1) The Bare-Faced Method

Did you know that the bare-faced method is one of the most significant and crucial ways of identifying skin type? Cleaning your skin with a mild cleanser would be highly beneficial. Above all, you should leave this bare for half an hour, and then you must check the cheeks. Not only that but your nose and forehead will also shine.

Another half-hour information on whether your skin looks dried on any facial activity or by smiling. If your skin is tight/feels tight, it means you are likely to have drier Skin, especially when it shines on the forehead and nose. Conversely, if you have a combination of Skin, your cheeks, nose, and forehead will start glowing.

2) The Blotting Sheet Method

In this case, you must take a blotting paper, and then you must gently pat this off on your overall face. In this case, you would hold this against the bright light. In case you see a little no to oil or likely dry skin.  

Or if the sheet picks up some oil from the T-zone, you would have the standard or combination skin. Moreover, if this picks up the oil from every part of your face, you will likely have oily Skin.

Let’s Discuss How To Identify Every Skin Type And Take Care Of Them.

Let's Discuss How To Identify Every Skin Type And Take Care Of Them

Did you know that the exact skin type is one of the most significant factors in determining skincare products? In this case, people with various kinds of Skin sometimes use the wrong product for their Skin. This needs to be corrected. Below, I will discuss identifying every complexion types of skin and how to care for them.

1) What Is Normal Skin?

What Is Normal Skin?

Normal Skin is known as endemic. It means this is well-balanced. After all, this is neither so oily nor so dry. Here are some factors that will help you identify normal Skin and how to care for it.

How do you identify normal Skin?

  • Smooth texture
  • Fine Pores
  • No Blemishes
  • No Sensitivity
  • Radiant Complexion
  • There are few or no other breakouts

How to take care of the normal Skin?

If you don’t have diabetes, then it means you might need to take insulin. However, this doesn’t mean binge-watching your favorite chocolates or high carbs every night while watching binge-shows is okay. If you have a typical skin type, you must take care of this by handling a regular skincare routine. However, it would help if you made it a point to stay hydrated and included healthy, basic skincare regimens.

The Steps You Should Follow In Case You Have Normal Skin:

a. Stay Hydrated

If you are not able to drink enough water throughout the entire day, then it means your Skin might dry up. This also starts getting flaky as well. Not only that, but this also leads to excess sebum production.

b. Moisturizer

Moisturizers are a must for any skin. Even this keeps the skin moist and will prevent this from over-producing sebum. This skincare routine for oily skin is effective.

 c. Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-skincare product for the entire Skin’s health. After all, direct sun exposure will quickly dry up your skin, which causes wrinkles and dark patches. An oil-free sunscreen has also been recommended to avoid the clogged skin pores.

d. Remove your makeup before sleeping

Makeup can clog pores, and this also leads to skin breakouts. If you want to avoid this by taking it off after so many hours, then that is the best thing.

e. Cleanse your face before taking naps

Even if you haven’t worn makeup, washing your face off before sleep is mandatory. After all, the dirt and bacteria from outside spaces can clog pores.   

2) What Is Oily Skin Type?

What Is Oily Skin Type?

Did you know that oily skin primarily can result in excessive sebum production? In this case, this type of skin has an excess oil secretion, primarily sweaty, shines, and so many others.

How do you identify the oily skin type?

  • Greasy Appearance
  • Prone to breakouts
  • Blackheads and other blemishe
  • Open/Big Pores

How do you take care of the oily skin type?

  • If you have oily Skin, then you must moisturize the Skin regularly. This would prevent the Skin from overproducing sebum. By choosing the right skincare product, it would be beneficial. Aside from that, a lotion-based and lightweight moisturizer should also be avoided for oily skin types.
  • Did you know drinking water regularly will keep your Skin moist? After all, this would also prevent your Skin from producing excessive oil.
  • After all, washing your face twice daily will help you remove the dirt and bacteria. This might clog your pores. In this case, I would like to give you one suggestion: don’t overwash. Overwashing can help you to remove the necessary oils from your Skin. This can result in sensitive Skin and make it more oil-prone.
  • Always avoid using chemical-laden or thick skincare products along with other ingredients. In this case, always try to use gentle cleansers and don’t scrub. Ensure you can remove all your make-up products before hitting the bed.

3) What Is Dry Skin Type?

What Is Dry Skin Type?

After all, a lack of skin moisturizer can result in a rough and flaky appearance. This is also known as dry Skin. After all, dry Skin tends to produce less oil, which also lacks skin vitality. This type of Skin has also been exposed to dryness. This is vulnerable to weather changes.

How do you identify the dry skin type?

  • Uneven skin texture
  • Itching
  • Skin feels tight
  • Flacky and rough Skin
  • Less Elasticity in the Skin
  • More lines would be visible.

How to take care of dry Skin?

  • After all, if you want to take care of dry skin, you must apply the skin moisturizer regularly. This is one of the most influential and significant skincare routine for dry skin techniques.   
  • Pat your skin gently while your Skin is up.
  • Drink a lot of water, which will help keep the skin hydrated.
  • Use Sunscreen, which will help stop your skin from getting dehydrated.
  • You must wear gloves while utilizing household detergents and some cleaning agents.

What are the causes of dry Skin?

  • You would likely do this if most family members have dry Skin.   
  • One of the most common causes of dry Skin is dry climates. Especially in the winter, a lack of humidity would cause dry Skin.
  • As you grow older, umbilical production will also reduce skin quality. This could be the outcome of the flaky Skin.
  • If you spend long hours in the showers, this can easily make your Skin dry. Above all, this contributes to dry Skin mainly.

4) Combination Skin Type

Combination Skin Type

If you have the combination skin, you would have both skin mixtures, such as dry and oily. This skin type will protect you from sunlight as it is oiler than other skin types. Above all, sensitive Skin would also cause your Skin to be damaged by the sun.

How do you identify your combination skin?

  • Oily T-Zone and dry cheeks.
  • Sensitive Cheeks
  • Large and Open Pores
  • Shiny Skin

How to take care of your combination skin?

  • If your skin, the skin and pores in your T-Zone are more significant than the rest of your face. Are some harsh products for your combination skin that you should use? Above all, using a gentle cleanser is one of the most significant recommendations.
  • Exfoliating is another recommendation if you have a combination of Skin. In this case, it would remove the necessary oils from your Skin. Too hard scrubbing would also damage your Skin.
  • Don’t forget to wear Sunscreen. Above all, Sunscreen is one of the most significant skincare products. This means you must choose an oil-free sunscreen if you have a combination skin type. 
  • Products you use for dry skin might be harsh for your oily Skin. In this case, you must follow a different skincare routine/regimen for your T-zone. After all, don’t use the same products for your T-zone. Always try to use multiple types of moisturizers that are oil-free, lightweight, lightweight, and so many others.

5) Sensitive Skin Type

Sensitive Skin Type

Skin that irritates easily and is more reactive has been referred to as sensitive Skin. This sensitive skin type is usually fragile, red, and acne-prone. Not only that, but it irritates the Skin and leads to infections.   

How do you identify sensitive Skin?

  • Skin that feels tight and itchy.
  • Oily Skin becomes oily, especially in summer.
  • Oily skin type reacts to skincare.
  • Oily Skin becomes red after a lot of hot water baths.
  • This feels itchy while you are wearing tight clothes.
  • It flushes easily just after having the spicy food.

How to take care of your sensitive Skin?

  • One of the most common things you must do while taking care of your sensitive Skin is to avoid applying harsh skincare products. Always try to use a product that you don’t have to test on your hand. In this case, you must wait 24 hours after the patch test. If your Skin doesn’t react, then you should go ahead and apply it to your Skin.
  • Products claimed to be “hypoallergic” might not suit your Skin. In this case, you must conduct a patch test before applying those skincare products. This skin care routine for sensitive Skin is also applicable.
  • Did you know long and hot showers can also make you feel good? However, stripping off such essential oils can irritate and redden your Sensitive Skin. You must also avoid taking hot showers to prevent the aggravation

What Are The Basic Things You Need To Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine?

What Are The Basic Things You Need To Incorporate Into Your Skincare Routine?

Irrespective of your skin type, you must follow these simple steps. In this case, this would protect its sport and health for a glowing look. Below, I will discuss basic things you must implement in your skincare routine.

  • Always use broad-spectrum Sunscreen to protect your skin from UVA and UVB sun rays.   
  • You must avoid contact with direct sunlight. In this case, you must wear protective clothes, sunglasses, and many others.   
  • Ensure you are keeping yourself hydrated in an adequate manner.
  • Always wash your skin gently and regularly. In this case, you must use only a few products with chemicals.   
  • Ensure you keep your Skin moist sometimes.
  • Always try to have a lot of fresh fruits and green vegetables. In this case, avoid eating junk foods along with so many spicy foods and so much sugar.
  • If you can exercise regularly, then it will keep you stress-free. Practicing hygiene and other healthy habits would also be essential things you must keep in mind.

In Conclusion

I have discussed several complexion types above in this article. This is significant to take significant steps so that it will function properly. After all, knowing your Skin is essential in determining the products you would use on this.

Therefore, you must take some to enhance a suitable skincare routine for your complexion types. If you need more clarification about the products and their effects on your Skin, ensure your skin type first. 

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have queries, then comment below!

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