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April 23, 2021

Data Center Solutions

We are in the age of digital transformation, and your business should not be left behind. At the center of it all is data. Information, customer and business details, sensitive data, software, and many others are all essential for business. Its success is riding on how they handle their data efficiently. Thus, what they need are secure and ironclad data center solutions.

Outsourcing data center solutions has been a norm for companies of any size. Their dilemma is on finding the right data center. Not all of them are the same. That is why you need to practice due diligence before making an informed decision. When you finally have the best data center solution for your needs, you can rest assured that your data is secured.

How to Select the Right Data Center

Partnering with the right data center solutions matters because your data’s security depends on it. Follow this guide when selecting a data center solution for your business.

1. Choose the location

There is no doubt about it. The most significant factor to consider when selecting a data center solution is the location. You need a data center that is situated in an area that is far from getting hit with natural disasters. It should also be located in a location with a solid contingency plan in case a natural disaster occurs, like having an autonomous power grid.

Consider an area that can be easily accessible to your employees in case an emergency happens, and it needs repair. An ideal location should have multiple alternative routes so that your team can reach it even with flooding, road closures, or any untoward incidents. An easily accessible data center will save you time and resources in the end.

2. Reliability and contingency plans

When selecting a data center, it should have reliability and has contingency plans during emergencies. It should be a top priority because your data is important to your operations. Look for a data center with minimal to zero downtime and has a backup power source, proper cooling and ventilation, and has redundant systems.

3. Network connectivity

Outsourcing data center solutions gives businesses multiple access to different connectivity options which you cannot have when you have it in-house. When you are evaluating your options, make sure that you ask about the firm’s connectivity options.

Ideally, a data center solution that is “carrier-neutral” is the best choice because it will give you access to different cloud-service and internet options. A single-carrier facility will limit your connectivity to one service provider. It will incur additional costs and can be limiting.

It is better to ensure that the data center has robust and unlimited options. It will be even better if the data center can let your cloud-based connections have a direct connection between the cloud provider’s server and your server.

4. Staff

For your peace of mind and the best possible experience, find a data center with staff at the operations center and engineers who are on-site. The staff can handle daily tasks while engineers can support the data center.

5. Reputation

Selecting a data center solution that will cater to your needs is not different from selecting a service provider, you should check the firm’s reputation in the industry. This is an important step. You can check with its current and former clients to determine how the data center has solved the issues. Also, check their feedback on the reliability, security, and scalability of the firm.

6. Viability and scalability

When looking for a data center solutions provider, you should look for a company with a solid background and experience in the industry. It should be able to support you for the next 5 years. To determine this, you need to do your research. Check its credibility and financial security before accepting its services.

Scalability is another factor to consider. You will most likely expand your business and you need a partner who can meet your long-term business goals. Find out the hosting plans they offer and see if you will be able to scale up or down your business needs without hassle.

7.  Their approach to collaboration

Other than knowing the reputation of the data center, it is also important to know their level of customer service. You should find out how the firm and its staff handle its relationship with its clients.

You can check the reviews and talk with their clients to know if they respond consistently and handle customer issues well. The service provider should have your business success in mind and treat you as a valuable partner.

Most service agreements with data center solution providers are long-term. You need to make sure that you are working with a company with whom you can build a strong and positive partnership.


There you have it, your essential guide to finding the right data center solutions partner. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number of tasks ahead before choosing the data center for your business. With our tips and your business in my mind, you can find the right one for your needs.

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