Business Sectors That Rely Heavily on White Glove Logistics


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June 22, 2021

White glove logistics

White glove logistics is a booming industry, and it services a wide range of sectors. And with the fast pace of new tech development, this sector has a very rosy future and would be ideal if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career. So what exactly is White glove logistics? The transportation and installation of technical equipment is the best way to describe this growing sector, and here are just a few of the business sectors that require White glove logistics.

8 Business Sectors Who Rely On White-Glove Logistics

The vigorous scientific and mechanical developments are causing random changes in the business and the service sectors. And when you want to run the organization smoothly, the new technical advancement adaptation is the easiest way.

Here are the names of the eight business sectors that highly depend on White glove logistics.

1. Healthcare 

1. Healthcare 

Every single CT and MRI scanner is installed by companies such as the leading UK company, Rhenus High Tech, who take delivery of the equipment near its final resting place, and they handle everything from that point until the equipment is calibrated ready for its first use. 

The same provider handles the X-Ray equipment, as there are many technical items which they are going to found this in a hospital. Final mile delivery is the most common service required for locating and installing high-tech equipment in hospitals, and that’s the only way the manufacturer will permit the equipment to be installed.

2. Telecommunications 

Stock markets and other exchanges require secure networks, and these are created and managed by the White glove provider. When government officials host a video conference, the White glove logistics technicians set up the network and monitor things while the meeting is in place. 

All major trading platforms require specialist care for their communication, which must be secure and of a very high speed. Click here for further reading on why technology can be the key to business success.

3. Fitness Centres & Gyms

3. Fitness Centres & Gyms

The hi-tech equipment you find in your local gym which the White glove logistics team could install, which manufacturer approve to work with the equipment. 

The equipment first requires installation, then developers have to add this to the network, ready for use, and if the staff require some on-site training, the white glove technician is your man.

4. Banking & Finance 

 Every ATM you have ever used was transported and installed by these teams, and they have the contract to maintain them. Most new machines are touch-screen, and installing these machines requires a security clearance and approval by the manufacturer. 

Other banking equipments such as note counters and fake checkers are also part of the white-glove domain. The technicians must regularly attend workshops to gain the necessary certification to work with the equipment.

5. Data Centres 

5. Data Centres 

Regardless of anything like if you plan to relocate an existing data center or build a new one, the white glove provider has all the solutions. 

A business’s employees often require this, as large companies constantly gather and store data, which they have to store in special facilities where company employees control the climate carefully.

6. IT Asset Recovery 

 If a large company wishes to replace all its IT hardware, this is the right job for the white glove technicians licensed to dispose of WEEE. They install the new hardware, create a LAN, and ready the system for use.

7. Retail Sector 

7. Retail Sector 

All the huge digital advertising screens you see are under the care of White glove logistics teams. Do you know why? because the touch-screen information boards which they have developed. Next time you are in a museum, check out these incredible devices that give you a lot of exhibit information using text, hi-res images, and rich 4k video.

8. Manufacturing Unit

The manufacturing units are full of diversity and new advanced machinery. These machine’s installations are essential, and they will minimize the labor costs of the company. Therefore, how will you manage to uninstall the new machinery? 

The machine logistics maintenance and the installations are all looked after by the white glove logistics team. Even the team look after the automation systems and robotics hands. 


If you are looking for a career change then you can start your career as a trainee white-glove technician. Talk to a leading UK White glove logistics company, as they might have an apprentice recruit program. But take note; this is a highly technical environment that requires you to commit yourself to learn about specific equipment.

Click here for some career advice from the UK government that might help you decide whether or not the White glove logistics is a proper suitable choice for you.

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