Are you a nature enthusiast looking for ways to interact with your feathered friends? If so, you’ve likely considered getting a bird feeder.

Birds are a beautiful sight, and we should look out for them at all times. Feeding them and taking pictures of them are some of the greatest pastimes one can participate in. But for optimal satisfaction, you should use several feeders so the birds have a place to roost.

Yet, this leads to another question: “How do birds find bird feeders?”


Follow The Calls Of Other Birds

Birds find bird feeders by following the calls of other birds. When a bird hears the call of another bird, it will fly in the direction of the sound. The bird will then see the bird feeder and land on it.

Calls Of Other Birds

If one bird finds a good source of food, it will call other birds to let them know where it is. This is how flocks of birds can find their way to bird feeders.

Recognize Familiar Landmarks

What is a bird feeder? Birds don’t know what a bird feeder is because they have a good memory and learn through previous experiences. This ability helps them to orient themselves and find their way back to their nesting area.

Familiar Landmarks
Note: They use visual cues, such as the position of the sun, to help them navigate. But they can also use landmarks to help them find a food source.

Sniff Out the Smell Of Food

Smell Of Food

Yes, it is true that birds have a good sense of smell and can find a bird feeder. The bird’s olfactory system is very developed and can detect the scent of food. When a bird is looking for food, it will sniff out the scent of food and then fly to the source of the scent.

Watch For Movement Near The Feeder

Birds can watch the movement near the feeder to find food. This is because they can see movement much better than we can. Their eyes are specifically designed to spot movement, which helps them find food.


By watching the movement, birds can see if there are any potential predators around. If the area is clear, they’ll swoop in and grab a quick bite to eat. Birds are very opportunistic and will take advantage of any easy meal they can find.

So, if you’re looking for ways to attract more birds to your yard, you can look for the best bird feeder here that’s right for your backyard.

How Do Birds Find Bird Feeders And How To Attract Them

If you’re interested in attracting birds to your yard, putting up a bird feeder is a great way to do it. But how do birds find bird feeders? It turns out that they use a variety of cues, including sight, sound, and smell.

Bird Feeder

And if you want to attract birds to your feeder, make sure it’s visible and put out some bird food to give them a little preview of what’s to come.

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