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December 30, 2023

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People usually dismiss hip-hop as racist music, dance music, or even cheap music. In just one word, I can say that people typically don’t know about the best rap lyricists. One of the most important elements of hip-hop is always its words.

But in recent times, how rap musicians have managed to survive seems like a one-night success. But do you know this process has occurred over the past few decades? There might not be another genre in every music that has more substance within its texture.

Do you know the best hip-hop will always be contingent on the power of its lyrics? In this case, simple sentences and some small stories are within its particular transcendent medium. After thorough research, I have found the top 20 best Rap Lyricists who are turning their heads. Above all these rap lyricists have garnered fame like Drake her loss recently.

Top 20 Best Rap Lyricists Who Are Turning Their Heads

The list is about more than record sales or chart positions. But this appeals to its mainstream of music. This means it is all about creativity. Below, I will discuss the top 20 best rap lyricists who are turning their heads.

1) Elzhi

Have you ever heard about Elzhi? He is one of the technical masterminds and consistently delivers an intricate wordplay that rewards repeated listens. Elzhi has shown his versatility when he is maintaining his signature style.

2) Canibus

Canibus is one of the most well-known rap lyricists, famous for his impressive freestyle abilities and sharp lyricism. On the other hand, Canibus made a name for himself in the very early 90s. At that time, he was considered one of the hottest up-coming rappers in the game.

Do you know what his mainstream success is? Meanwhile, his ill-fated beef with L.L. Cool J stalled. Aside from that, his several underground albums made history and gained fame. Eventually, he gained recognition as a talented battle rapper.

3) Prodigy

In recent times, Prodigy was a master of his passion for writing and a pioneer in the grimy. On the other hand, his boom-bap music defined him, especially in the 90s New York. Aside from that, he might have needed more capacity to write the poetic lyricism of Nas or have the crackling wit of Biggie.

But he lacked in such areas, which he made up for with such killer quotables and an icy his own. At the same time, his slow and eventual flow allowed him to craft every bar as a standalone work of art. After all, his unforgettable voice has become one of hip-hop’s most unique samples.

4) Masta Ace

Some rappers are considered underrated rap lyricists. On the other hand, he is one of those veteran M.C.s who might not get the recognition he deserves.

In particular, Masta Ace is one of the hip-hop heads with legendary skills on the mic. One lesser-known fact about Masta Ace is that Eminem has often shouted out Masta Ace. He is one of his favorite rappers of all time.

5) Kurupt

Kurupt has made a formidable force to give him a unique edge, making him a formidable force in the entire rap game. Aside from that, their lyrical prowess and impeccable delivery have made him a household name. Kurupt’s contributions to the West Coast rap scene. Conversely, as a solo artist, he has further solidified his status as one of L.A.’s greatest M.C.s.

6) Busta Rhymes

Recently, Busta Rhymes has been one of the most true veteran rap lyricists. He is mainly well-known for his animated persona and energetic delivery. Although often, his exceptional lyricism goes unnoticed. On the other hand, he has a talent for building complicated rhyme schemes to make unforgettable verses. In recent times famous BTS members J-Hope and Suga made extremely astonishing rap lyrics like Busta Rhymes.

7) Bun B

Why is Bun B famous as a rap lyricist? His breakthrough success in the late 90s and UKG’s rise were unbeatable. On the other hand, Bun’s nimbleness and flow delivered grounded the duo. Bun B is a famous Texas rapper and one of the greatest of all time. Aside from that, Bun B’s contributions to “International Players Anthem” helped to make a Grammy-nominated music hit.

8) Pusha T

Pusha T has carved out a unique place and is considered one of the greatest Coke rap artists ever. He has consistently delivered the hard-hitting verses that grab the drug game’s gritty realities.

Pusha T emerged as one of the best rappers and dropped a series of classic albums. He also appeared in the high-class rap beef with Drake and solidified his place as one of the top-notch artists across the decade.

9) 2Pac

2Pac is another one of the top-notch hip-hop stars and was also more of a personality than he was as a wordsmith. He was not able to step up his game whenever called upon. Although his heartfelt rhyme often went overlooked. There are so many reasons that many people hardly consider this anymore.

10) Eminem

Eminem is considered one of the most successful guys if you want to earn respect in the business fueled by lyricism and wit. On the other hand, if he could not do just that, he broke into acne in 1999.

11) Nas

Nas has earned the spot near the top of the hip-hop head’s list. His excellent output consistently made it virtually not possible to argue against him. After all, he might never have reclaimed the brilliance in 1994.

12) Jay-Z

Jay-Z is another rap whose breadth of work is extraordinary, and this is also rare to justifiable quality. He is also a filmmaker who often takes such granted because of how common it is to find the greatness of what he already does.

In the Jay-Z case, thinking of how taste-makers and fans are always quickly thinking to put others ahead is becoming baffling. On the other hand, he has also been masterfully crafting verses for over two decades.

13) Rakim

Do you know another rap lyricist across the hip-hop genre? Well, Rakim is one of them. He released some of the most acclaimed records in the entire history of rap. Regardless of what publication you read, he is near the top of every time that usually best lyricists are combined, and there is no reason for this.

14) Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli’s name is synonymous with a conscious hip-hop genre where lyricism reigns supreme. On the other hand, he is among the most celebrated and skilled M.C.s in the field. Talib Kweli started with his debut in 1997 as he is one half of the Black Star.

15) Andre 3000

Andre 3000 remains continuously in the conversations of the best rappers alive. On the other hand, ATLien is always in the same conversation. He is the hottest rapper at the moment like hottest singer Taylor Swift. Every verse Andre drops is a moment of excitement across the social media platform.

16) Ab-Soul

Ab-Soul is among the most intricate and thought-provoking hip-hop stars across the game. On the other hand, he is also one of the true wordsmiths in every sense of the word. Aside from that, he has the unique ability to use his words to explore the intricacies of his own life.  

17) Roc Marciano

After Roc Marciano started his career, he always began to carve out his lane. He would quietly create some of the most influential music across the game. On the other hand, he would also provide the blueprint for later acts such as Griselda.

18) AZ

AZ consistently earned himself such a spot in the upper echelon of the lyricists. From his impressive debut to acclaimed solo albums, he has never wavered across the 20-year hip-hop career.

19) Common

Common’s early days in the Chicago rap scene to his more Oscar-winning work is one of the most common abilities. After all, he has shown mischievous performance throughout his career.

20) Earl Sweatshirt

People mainly like Earl’s unfiltered and raw approach, making him one of our time’s most naturally gifted lyricists. Above all, every four studio albums of Earl are masterclasses in lyricism.

In Conclusion

In this article, I have discussed the names of the best rap lyricists of all time. This hip-hop star became one of the most popular hip-hop stars at the beginning of the 1980s. Regarding the best lyrical rappers, their peers and fans universally respect them for their honesty. I hope you liked this article. If you have any questions, please comment below!

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