Globe Trotting Scholars: Balancing Studies And Adventures In The Digital Age


Ankita Tripathy


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December 22, 2023

Balancing Studies And Adventures

Remote studying unlocks new possibilities for curious wanderers in the digital era. With online learning options, students can combine studying towards a degree with adventurous travels to exciting destinations across the globe. With careful planning, self-discipline, and taking advantage of digital tools, globe-trotting scholars can fulfill their wanderlust while progressing academically.

Here Are Eight Prime Ideas For Balancing Studies And Adventures In The Digital Age

Balancing Studies And Adventures In The Digital Age

Read on for a few tips for balancing your studies and adventures in the digital age.

1. Research Flexible Online Study Options

Whether through online learning programs offered by conventional brick-and-mortar universities like or specialized online institutions, researching flexible study options is key. Make sure accreditation, course content, and learning format align with your goals before committing. Consider asynchronous options allowing you to study anytime, anywhere.

2. Manage Your Time Diligently

Another tip for traveling students is to manage your time diligently. Mapping out study schedules ahead of travels and sticking to them diligently is crucial. Be strict about carving out daily study hours amidst adventures to avoid falling behind. Use apps like Google Calendar to schedule study sessions and assignment deadlines across different time zones.

3. Optimize Digital Learning Tools

Many online learning platforms offer apps to download lectures for offline study. Download materials when Wi-Fi access allows to ensure constant access. Utilize tools like online tutoring, video conferencing, and collaborative editing to digitally interact with professors and peers.

4. Stay Organized and Focused

Frequent moves between destinations can quickly turn organization into chaos. Maintain detailed records of course notes, resources, and completed assignments digitally. Apps like Evernote help consolidate and tag all study materials in one searchable place. The occasional off-the-grid digital detox can provide the focus needed to power through intensive study spells.

5. Prioritize Academics as Needed

During exam periods or when assignments are due, temporarily suspend travels if needed to dedicate time to academics. Rather than constantly juggling, identify critical study periods requiring single-minded focus and commit to being static for academics as required.

6. Use Travel as an Academic Asset

Let aspects of travels, from cultural immersions to chance encounters, spark academic insights to enrich studies. Maintain journals, photos, or videos to catalyze dynamic thinking. Share a unique comparative experience virtually for academic credit through facilitated programs like Soliya Connect.

7. Cultivate Local Study Networks

Form or join expat study groups in chosen bases for motivation and collaboration. Interact with professors and academic staff at partner universities to better understand regional education perspectives. Such networks can provide both social and academic support during study abroad stints.

8. Adjust Plans Flexible

Build slack by spacing out difficult courses, allowing time to absorb the information fully. Have back-up savings, so reducing travels to buckle down for demanding periods is financially feasible. Sometimes, plans must flex to fulfill academic responsibilities so be prepared to adjust.

With intention and self-motivation, passion for nonstop adventure and academic progress need not be mutually exclusive. By fully leveraging the digitization of education and smart planning, the open road and hard-won qualifications can be on parallel paths. 

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