Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? Things You Should Know Before Buying


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March 27, 2023

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are gaming laptops worth it

Are gaming laptops worth it? This is a very common question that we come across on the internet. This is probably because gaming laptops are seldom expensive, and people want to know whether they are spending their money on the right equipment or not. Now, you might ask why gaming laptops are so expensive when it comes to gaming. The answer to this question is that gaming laptops have better features that make them perform better.

In this article, we will discuss gaming laptops’ unique features. We will also discuss the differences between gaming laptops and regular laptops. Apart from that, we will also talk about the major features that are present in gaming laptops. Furthermore, we will give you a brief guide to buying a gaming laptop for yourself and the things that you need to consider while buying. Hence, read on through to the end to get fully informed.

Gaming Laptop Or Desktop: Are Gaming Laptops Worth It?  

Gaming Laptop Or Desktop Are Gaming Laptops Worth It

If price is a major factor to you (of course, it should be), you must know that if you want to build a full-fledged gaming desktop, it will be expensive too. However, with gaming desktops, you will not get the advantage of carrying your system wherever you go.

Yet, in comparison to a gaming desktop, the gaming laptop has a considerably higher price tag. The price is higher despite having identical specifications in both systems. Furthermore, you will also see a lowering of the price when you go with an assembled desktop if you go with the DIY way.

On the other hand, if you have a gaming laptop, as compared to a gaming desktop, you can always carry your machine wherever you go. Even when you need your laptop for work, you can take your gaming laptop and perform the same operations, and that, too, quite effectively.

Difference Between Gaming Laptop, & Regular Laptop  

The following are the major differences between gaming laptops and regular laptops that you need for jobs related to productivity:

FeaturesGaming LaptopRegular Laptop
CPU or ProcessorThe processor of gaming laptops are high-performanceThese laptops have medium-performance processors
RAMGaming laptops have RAMs of at least 8 GB and it also is 16 GB or 32 GB, in some cases.Regular laptops have 4 GB of RAM.
Hard Disk or Read-only MemoryTo store games, gaming laptops come with big memories. You will also get SSDs with gaming laptops.Regular laptops do not need big memories, as productivity-related work does not require such.
Battery LifeTo support gaming on the move, gaming laptops come with a high battery life.The battery life of regular laptops is normal and only lasts up to a few hours.
Graphics Processing UnitTo support high-end games, gaming laptops have a highly-featured GPU, which enables the intensive work of graphics.Regular laptops only have a built-in graphics card that is used to support basic graphics-related operations.
Cooling SystemTo endure the heat of heavy gaming, such laptops have multiple cooling fans, which neutralize the heat generated.Normal laptops do not have advanced cooling systems. They come with one fan to cool down the processor.
Number of PortsThe number of ports in gaming laptops is higher.The number of ports in regular laptops is less, as they are only 3 to 4.
KeyboardThe keyboards of gaming laptops are strong and created in such a way as to undergo gaming stress.The keys in the keyboard of gaming laptops are delicate
PortabilityGaming laptops are heavy due to the presence of heavy-duty and strong components.Regular laptops are light and quite easy to carry if you want to take them from one place to another.
Display of the laptopSince gaming laptops are created to enhance the gaming experience, the refresh rate is near about 300 Hz.Regular laptops normally have refresh rates ranging from 60 Hz to 120 Hz.
Sound SystemAlthough not as good as desktops, gaming laptops still have really good sound systems, as it is made to enhance the gaming experience.Normal and regular laptops come with ordinary speakers, which are not louder but are good for simple usage.
Longevity of the laptopThe way you handle the laptop determines its longevity. Yet, due to the presence of strong and high-quality components, gaming laptops are more durable when it comes to longevity.The longevity of regular laptops depends on your handling of them. However, the life span of regular laptops is quite short.
Price of the laptopGaming laptops of entry-level is priced at USD $700A regular entry-level laptop is priced at USD $300

Expensive Gaming Laptops: How Much Is A Gaming Laptop?  

Expensive Gaming Laptops How Much Is A Gaming Laptop

Most expensive gaming laptops prices start from USD $700. Hence, if you are looking for a gaming laptop, prepare to spend more than double the price you spend on regular laptops. However, if you want a high-performance laptop, which you can carry elsewhere, you must consider going for a gaming laptop only.

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It? – Factors To Consider While Buying One  

Are Gaming Laptops Worth It – Factors To Consider While Buying One 

The following are the major factors that you will need to consider while you are buying gaming laptops for yourself:

  • It must have a good and high-end GPU
  • The Processor must be fast and support most games.
  • High RAM and read-only memory.
  • The display should have a high-resolution speed.
  • Make sure the keyboard is durable.
  • Check reviews on the battery life of the laptop.

Summing Up  

In this article, we have discussed the question, “Are gaming laptops worth it?” Furthermore, you mainly learned about the major features of gaming laptops. Apart from that, you also came to know about the differences between gaming laptops and desktops.

Hope you have understood the benefits associated with a gaming laptop. In addition to that, you also shall know about the various factors that you will need to consider before you buy a gaming laptop for yourself. What made you think about buying a gaming laptop for yourself? Share with us your opinions in the comments section below.

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